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Top 5 Tactics to Beat the Casino

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In the casino universe, you are going to meet a wide variety of gamblers that are going to want to share their many anecdotes with you. And many of those anecdotes will deal with their fool proof methods of beating the house. Anyone that knows anything about gambling has heard that the first rule is the house always wins. Now, this does not mean that you will always lose but, if these methods actually worked, casinos would have been out of business ages ago. The picture I am painting seems pretty bleak. So, is there actually anything a player can do to diminish losses when gambling? Yes, but it has less to do with magic gambling recipes and more to do with discipline and proper money managing. covergambling27052014

1. Know and stick to your limits: Decide an amount per month that you can afford to lose and then only take half of it to the casino. Gambling should be a recreational activity, not a viable resource for fast money or a black hole of debt. Truly, there is knowledge in the phrase: if you need the money, don’t gamble it. So, why take only half on your gambling excursion? Well, that doubles your odds to win, since it gives you the opportunity to return to the casino another time and try your luck again. And, if you end up losing both days, get up and walk away. Next month comes fresh with prospect, and you will give it another try.


2. It’s not personal, it’s gambling: The moment you let your adrenaline, joy, hunches, ego, or even anger take control of your betting decisions, you might as well say goodbye to your money. Betting is a game mathematics, of odds and probabilities, not a test of courage. Stay cool-headed and make rational decisions with a clear knowledge of the rules and factors that might affect the play. A good player never trusts luck for she is a fickle mistress. Do not become attached to the game or the money. Know when to quit when you are ahead and pocket your winnings, always stick to your original betting amount. Also, immediately quit when you have spent all of it. A negative balance, even if it’s minus 1 dollar, it’s a sign you went too far.

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3. Keep track of time: How often do you see clicks hanging in the walls of casinos? In fact, how much actual sunlight have you seen inside a casino floor? The answer is simple. Casinos want you to lose track of time so you can keep playing (and usually losing) for a long time. Set your alarm to the number of minutes you want to stay to a table or at the casino and stick to it, no matter if you are up or down. In the long run, it will make you save money and keep your balance afloat.


4. Take breaks: This is much related to the previous rule. Too much of a good thing is never good. Get up, go outside, or eat something. Use the time to look at and balance your wins and losses and decide if you are good for the day, or if you can afford a little bit more fun.


5. Don’t drink alcohol: Alcohol clouds your judgment, empowers you to make bad decisions, and makes you forgetful of the other rules. Use the “designated driver’ approach when being offered those tempting free drinks.

As you might have seen, all of these rules are actually just a little bit of common sense, but believe me, if you stick to them, you might end up on brighter side of the gambling sphere. Also we once took the time to tell you about 5 Tips you should avoid, we recommend you take a look at them as well. Want to put them to the test? Try some of our games at Prism Casino and have fun! At the end, that’s what is all about!

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