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Tri Card Poker – Not Your Typical Poker Game

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TriCard Poker is a variation of the poker card game. It is very popular among poker players and is usually played online. Others call it the Three Card Poker. It is a very entertaining, exciting, fun and unique game you can play online or with your friends. There are different ways where a player can win in a game and we will teach you a few easy ways to play and win at this game.

Beating the Dealer


There are two main ways to beat the dealer’s hand: the first one is to beat it by having a much stronger hand of course; and the second one is by having a pair within the three card hand. A player must understand the different basic rules in the basic poker game in order to understand the rules in Three Card Poker, and this is what we will show you next.

If you want to win on this game, you must remember that you must get very strong cards to form unbeatable hands. Remember that you have the chance to fold if you feel or you see that your cards are not that good. In this way, you avoid losing money and you increase the chance of getting good cards at the next round.

To Call or to Fold


A good poker player knows when to call or to fold in a game. With the help of experience and proper practice, you will learn to determine if your cards are strong or if they can make winning hands just by looking at them.

The ranking in the game is different than what we are used to in a regular poker game: The lowest is the High Card, followed by 2 of a Kind, Flush, Straight, 3 of a Kind and the highest of all is the Straight flush. If you see that your cards are not good and you think that they won’t help you win, fold immediately and don’t leave everything to chance. You must be observant with your cards and your surroundings so that you know when to fold. Do not forget that your objective is to beat the house dealer and not to contest other players. You are not there to compete but rather to win money from the house.

Practice, practice, practice


Practice can help you develop the skills you will need in this game and the experience will help you determine the winning card for the winning hands; but never forget that like in any card game, this is still a game of chance. No one or no method can assure the winning cards. What’s important is that you learn to observe and study the flow of the game and avoid being impulsive in every decision you make while playing.

Three Card Poker is like other card games that rely solely to chance. The good thing is that if you don’t feel good about your cards, you can fold them immediately. Like any other game, the best thing to do is to manage your bankroll wisely. You must have enough money to take the risk when playing this kind of game. Do not go over your bankroll at all times and learn to manage and monitor your cash flow within the game to avoid losing so much.

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