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How to Play Keno

If you’ve ever stumbled into a restaurant of a local casino, you probably noticed a bunch of keno sheets lying around. And you probably witnessed people filling out these keno sheets with unbelievable focus and determination. Most properties let keno players enjoy a few quick games from wherever they happen to be. And for good reason. People love to play keno.

There’s also a great reason why keno games are offered in the restaurant or coffee shop of a casino while other games aren’t (when’s the last time you ate a plate of pasta at a blackjack table?). It’s because the game is incredibly easy to play.

From a list of 80 numbers, you select up to 15 of them. You then sit back and watch what happens. The machine will draw 20 of the numbers. If you hit some, you win some cash. How much you win depends on how many numbers you played and how many of them you were able to catch.

Understanding How Many Numbers to Pick

As a new player interested in playing real money and free keno games online, you might be tempted to pick 15 numbers. After all, logic is probably telling you that the more numbers you pick, the higher payouts you’ll receive, right? Well, that’s the case if you hit all your numbers, but hitting a smaller percentage of your chosen numbers means you’ll actually make less money.

For example, if you choose just one number, and you hit it, the payout is 3. If you choose two numbers and you hit them both, the payout jumps to 14. But hitting only one of the two number gets you nothing. Choosing three numbers gets you a payout of 40 if you catch all three numbers. But if you only get two out of three, the payout drops to just 2. Remember, hitting 2 out of 2 numbers got you 14, so the new payout is significantly lower. You can see where this is headed. Playing more numbers only leads to bigger wins if you’re able to catch a good chunk of your picks.

Tips for Winning at Online Keno

If you’ve been searching for strategy tips, you’re probably well aware that they’re hard to come by. And for the most part, if you find a keno strategy system, there’s a good chance it’s as effective as strategies for winning the lottery. Unlike other casino games like blackjack, Baccarat, and craps, keno doesn’t really involve a lot of skill.

But there is something you can do to maximize your payout. Make sure you’re betting the max if you want to improve your online odds for making money. If you do hit your numbers, betting the max will lead to bigger profits in your pocket, whether you’re playing for free or real-money games.

Ready to play free keno games and put your new strategy to the test? Download our free online keno app now. It’s part of our online casino suite, and it’s yours with just one click.

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