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Cash Bandits

Drop your donuts, and dodge the cops. It’s time to crack the code and lay claim to some serious loot! Put your skills to the test in this exciting slot, and you just might have what it takes to break the bank. Pull on your finest ski mask, and decipher the combination to find out what amazing bonuses are waiting just inside the vault. All of this, plus a chance to claim the progressive jackpot at the end of each game, means that you’ll have no shortage of ways to make off with a fortune in this caper of a game.

How to Play Cash Bandits

Playing Cash Bandits is so incredibly simple that you won’t even need an explanation, but we’ll run through the directions anyway, just in case. Start by choosing between the downloadable and instant play versions of the slot. There are no wrong choices, because they both offer the same amazing gameplay. When that’s done, you’re ready to select your bet and get those reels to spinning. First, choose how many lines you’d like to bet. Cash Bandits offers up to 25 lines per spin to ensure you’ve always got plenty of chances to win. Next, use the arrow controls to select your bet per line. When that’s done, simply click spin, and watch those reels bring home your next big win!

Cash Bandits Rules

If the first thing that pops into your head when you hear about a bandit-based slot machine is rules, then you’re probably not channeling your inner-thief quite yet. In any case, you’ll be happy to know that Cash Bandits keeps the rules nice and simple, so they don’t get in the way of the fun. As is typical with most slots, all combinations pay from left to right, except for the elusive scatter symbols. These, which come in the form of Cops and Robbers, serve as wilds and pay in any direction. Collect three in one spin, and you’ll activate the lucrative Vault feature, which gives you the chance to claim a host of prizes and bonuses in order to maximize your bankroll. If you can remember those rules, you’re all set to have a great time with this exciting slot adventure.

Cash Bandits Controls

The controls in Cash Bandits are highly intuitive. To select your bet and number of lines, all you’ll need to do is click the simple arrow control scheme to fine tune your wager. When that’s done, just click the big ‘Spin’ button to get started. If all that clicking gets old, you can also take advantage of the auto-spin feature, which will keep the reels spinning with no additional input. Since the game is linked to your Prism account, you’ll never need to worry about transferring your winnings to your account. This is all completed automatically as you play the game.

Cash Bandits Features

  • Up to 25 lucrative paylines to maximize your odds of a win
  • Cops and Robbers scatter symbols to complete those near-miss combinations
  • Awesome Vault Feature that will put your code cracking skills to the test

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