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God of Wealth

Forget fortune cookies. Don’t bother with Magic 8 Balls. We found your fortune and it’s a good one. At least that’s the case when you play God of Wealth, an online slots game designed to shower you with riches around every bend.

Hop online and compete for big prizes with every spin. In addition to the big payouts offered from matching up regular symbols, God of Wealth is packed with even more ways to win thanks to a whole slew of rewarding features. Play now on your PC, Mac or mobile device and see how much the God of Wealth will smile down on you today.

How to Play God of Wealth

There are 25 paylines in God of Wealth, which adds up to 25 winning opportunities and then some. The “and then some” comes in the form of free games, big prize multipliers, and a potential jackpot. To get on the path to victory, start by making your bet and line selections. Then, lock them in by pressing the Spin Button.

If you want to play even faster, consider turning Autoplay on. When you do, the God of Wealth takes full control by spinning for you and paying you out for any wins, automatically.

God of Wealth Rules

There are two big symbols you should know about in God of Wealth. The first is the God of Wealth symbol. It acts a substitute symbol, which means it can replace most symbols in the game. So if you’re short one or two symbols and The God of Wealth appears, it’ll sub in for those missing symbols to help you win. The exception to this rule is the Gold Ingot symbol. That’s the scatter symbol and the God of Wealth can’t sub in for it. If you hit three or more Ingots, you’ll get to play a bonus round where free games are yours. How many free games are we talking about? Just pick each Gold Ingot to reveal as many as 10 free games.

God of Wealth Controls

  • Get started by placing your bet per line. The up and down arrow next to the Bet button lets you choose between one line and all 25 lines.
  • Next, choose your bet per line amount—you can bet as little as a penny per line.
  • Click the Spin button to activate the game.
  • When the reels stop, the software will check to see if you’ve won something based on what symbols you’ve matched. You’ll get paid out for any wins automatically.
  • When you’re done, do it all over again.
  • Wondering which symbols pay out the most? Click the Help button at any time to find out.

God of Wealth Features

  • Scatters and substitute symbols to help you win big, more often
  • A fun theme inspired by the legendary God of Wealth in Chinese culture
  • A big progressive jackpot that pops randomly when you don’t even expect it

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