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It’s a Mystery

Discover the mystery behind the murder in a slot game that mixes elements of Sherlock Holmes with characters that look as though they stepped out of a mystery game. This 5 reel, 25 line game will keep you putting your sleuthing skills through their paces as you race to solve a mystery in hopes of winning the elusive reward hidden in this fantastic game.

How to Play It’s a Mystery

If you want to get started playing this game, use the arrows to choose the amount of your bet as well as the number of paylines you would like to play. It’s a Mystery offers players 25 different lines to choose from and you can spend as little as one cent or as much as a dollar per spin. However, if you’d rather set the amounts and forget it then you’ll want to use the handy Autoplay button to enjoy a slot game session without moving a finger . This allows you to set the bid and payline amounts and then plays through a number of spins automatically.

It’s a Mystery Rules

It’s a Mystery offers 5 reels and 25 different paylines. This means that players can win on multiple lines at the same time. The total amount won is the amount of all the different winning lines added together. If scatter symbols are displayed on a winning line, the scatter amount is added to the lines total and acts as a multiplier.

It’s a Mystery Game Controls

  • Select the amount of your bet
  • Pick how many lines you want to bet on
  • Press “Spin”
  • You’ll receive your winnings in your account automatically
  • View the official paytable for the complete list of symbols and the points that each provides

It’s a Mystery Features

  • Detective Theme
  • 25 line slot game
  • Win up to 50 free spins with the Portrait Puzzle Feature!

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