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Lucha Libre

Practice your llaves al cuello. That’s chokehold in Spanish. You’ll be doing it a lot as you face off against Taco Malo and Guacamolio, the most feared wrestlers in the history of Mexican wrestling. And by “most feared” we mean “easiest to beat”. Welcome to Lucha Libre, a no-holds-barred online slots game that drops you into a wrestling ring to face off for big prizes. This 25-payline game is packed with all kinds of rewards, including two big feature games, a top payout of 4000x your bet per line, and more prize money than you can shake an enchilada at.

How to Play Lucha Libre

We know what you’re thinking. “I can’t possibly wrestle. I’ve got a bad back. And I’m a lover, not a fighter.” We totally get that. Which is why we’ve made any physical work completely optional. To play, just use your fingers. Select your bet and line amounts using the arrows next to the Bet and Lines buttons. You can bet between a penny and five bucks per line, and you can play between 1 and 25 lines. To lock in your bet, click Spin. When the reels stop, you’ll get paid out like a true wrestling champion. Plus, if you’ve landed on some special symbols, you could end up playing a free games round.

Lucha Libre Rules

We know it’s tempting to jump into the ring, put Taco Malo in a headlock, and slam him back and forth from once side to the other. And while we’d love to see that, your best bet is to play within the rules. There aren’t that many, so don’t sweat it.

First thing to note are the symbols. They all pay out left to right, except for scattered Wresting Ring symbols, which pay out in any direction. There’s also a scattered Mask symbol, but this one pays out left to right only, unless you find yourself in the Mask of Fiery Doom feature game.

Here’s one rule you’ll love. Hitting three Wrestling Rings sends you into the Time to Rumble feature game where you’ll get to play on the house.

Lucha Libre Controls

Ready to step into the ring? It’s easy to play Lucha Libre. There are five buttons you really need to concern yourself with. They are the Spin button. Up and down arrows next to the Lines button. And another set of arrows next to the Bet button. To place your bets, use the arrows to select between 1 and 25 lines and to bet between $0.01 and $5 per line. When you’re ready, click Spin to lock in your selections. There you have it. Those are the only wrestling moves you need to know to chokehold your way to a major victory.

Lucha Libre Features

  • Cool characters like Taco Malo and Guacamolio for extra fun
  • A super-high payout of 4000x your bet per line
  • Two special feature games with free games and prize multipliers

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