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Pharaoh’s Gold

Pharaoh’s Gold is a classic 3-reel, nickel slot game! A nickel slot game means you bet in denominations of 5 cents. The lowest bet is just $0.05 and the max you can bet is just $0.15! You’ll love this fun and playful slot game for its cute sound effects and animation.

How to Play Pharaoh’s Gold

The being playing Pharaoh’s Gold you will first need to buy a chip. The chips denominations are $5.00, $25.00, and $100.00 and you will see these chips displayed at the bottom of the slot machine for you to click on. When you buy a chip it’s automatically deducted from your balance. Note that you can cash out whenever you want and any of the unplayed money is returned to you. Once you have a chip, you can place your bet! Click on the “Bet One” button to bet one coin ($0.05) click on it again to bet 2 coins ($0.10) and click on “Play 3 Credits” to bet max with just $0.15! To pull the lever, just click on the button that says “Spin Reel”.

Pharaoh’s Gold Rules

It is recommended to play with all three credits so that you’re always eligible for the jackpot and so that you can take advantage of all possible winning combinations. Given that in this game the max bet is just 15 cents, this is the game that you want to always aim big (i.e., grab that progressive jackpot)!!

In Pharaoh’s Gold there is a wild symbol that acts as a substitute for any symbol in a winning combination. This symbol is the Eye symbol. One the other hand there is also a non-paying symbol that has the opposite effect as the Eye and will spoil a winning combination. This is the Golden Anhk symbol.

Pharaoh’s Gold Game Controls

  • Place your bets
  • Click on “Spin Reel”
  • Your winnings will automatically be credited to your account!

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