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Shark School

You might not have loved school as a kid, but you’re going to love Shark School. Our new 5-reel, 50-payline slots game drops you into a fantastic underwater high school where clownfish are trying to learn, sharks think they’re the coolest, and mackerel are just trying to make the ocean a better place through smarter education. And while no studying is required for this game, you’ll want to brush up on your slots game skills because there are loads of opportunities to win like a champion. Shark School even includes a fourth row of symbols so you can win big, faster than ever. It’s unlike any slots game you’ve seen before. And with three bonus games where huge prize multipliers are waiting to be won, you’ll never want the bell to ring.

How to Play Shark School

It’s not easy being a fish, especially when hungry sharks disguised as friendly students with braces are staring you down. But you don’t need to be bullied by those sharks. Just click the Spin button to get those fish moving and send those sharks to detention.

Before you click Spin, you’ll need to make your bet and line selections. The up and down arrows next to the Bet and Lines button help you decide how much to bet. Remember, your total bet per line is determined by multiplying your bet per line by the number of lines you’d like to play. So playing all 50 lines and $0.10 per line would cost you a total of $5. Your bet doesn’t determine the outcome. Like all our games, it’s completely random. But if you don’t play a payline and symbols line up on them, you don’t get paid. That’s why we recommend playing all lines and lowering your bet per line to conserve your money.

If you land on the right symbols and qualify for a bonus round, you’ll get to choose from one of three different bonus games. Each game is different and satisfied your appetite for a win. But be careful. The sharks are hungry too.

Shark School Rules

There aren’t a lot of rules in Shark School. After all, when a shark has braces and a clownfish is sporting glasses more suited for a hipster, it’s safe to say that normal ocean rules don’t apply. But when you get to the bonus round, things change.

There are three different feature games in Shark School, and each one comes with different rules that you need to know. To play one, just land on three or more School symbols in the game. In Swim Fishy, Swim, your job is to help the fish escape from the hungry shark. If you’re successful, you could score 200x your bet amount. Bad Shark invites you to shark feeding time. Each fish that gets chomped on ends up being replaced with a Shark. And in Don’t Eat The Teacher, you’re up for a bonus prize of 100x your bet amount if you can stop the shark from sinking his teeth into the teacher.

Shark School Controls

  • In Shark School, you can bet anywhere from $0.01 to $5 per line. Just use the arrows to increase or decrease your selections.
  • This online slots game features 50 paylines. You can play one line, all 50, or anywhere in between. Again, the up and down arrows let you control your selections.
  • Want to watch the fish and sharks swim faster? Turn AutoPlay on. The game will spin for you, pay you out, and spin again using your last locked in bet and line amounts.

Shark School Features

  • A top award of 39,000x your bet per line
  • 3 different bonus games
  • A 4th row of symbols for more chances to win

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