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Wild Wizards

The magic spells are flying everywhere with Wild Wizards! The wizards have been brewing up a multitude of spells and sorcery to enrapture all the players of Wild Wizards. Come on in and experience the magical domain of sorcery just waiting to be enjoyed absolutely. Wild Wizards and Scattered Spell Books trigger one of five unique free game features – Sorcery feature, Wizard’s Tower feature, Polymorph feature, Fireball Feature, and Mad Magic feature – that can include Held Expanding Wilds, Mad Magic Multipliers, Bonus Symbols and Extra Wilds! With a bewitching theme, outrageous features and gorgeous graphics, there’s a magical world waiting!

How to Play Wild Wizards

Come and be the apprentice of the Master Wizard, and he will teach you how to slowly but surely master the arcane arts. You will find it to be much easier than it may appear at a glance. The first step towards becoming a great wizard is to select the bet amount you want to wager. After that you can select how many lines you would like to play on. You can do so using the arrow buttons. Then all you need to do is click on the spin button to lock your bet and let the Master Wizard teach you his arcane ways. The bedazzling magic can win you loads of riches before you can say Abra Kadabra Alakazam!

Wild Wizards Rules

If you are going to follow in the footsteps of the greatest wizards of all time, then you must have the greatest discipline. Make sure that you know the rules by heart and that you keep them close. Then and only then will you become a stronger and wiser wizard. The rules are quite simple, though, so they should not be so hard to keep. Make sure you keep in mind that the Wild Wizard symbol and the Book of Spells scatter symbol are your tickets to the biggest prizes this game has to offer. Wild Wizard symbols are added and held during the five feature games in this magical and mystifying new game. You are sure to win big with the power of the Wild Wizard on your side. Following the rules will make you the richest wizard ever!

Wild Wizards Controls

The controls for this most powerful arcane slot game are your typical controls for most slot games. That way it will be so much easier to become the Master Wizard’s best apprentice as you learn his secret arcane spells and incantations. Set your bet with the bet controls; set the number of lines you want to play on by using the arrow buttons; use the Spin button to lock your bet and line selections and start the reels. You can also let the Wild Wizard show you how it is done and click the Autoplay button for more magical awesomeness.

Wild Wizards Features

  • Wild Wizard and Book of Spells symbols are the keys.
  • The Book of Spells unlocks one of five feature games.
  • Rake in countless free games in the five feature games.

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