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Are you the ultimate warrior? Prepare to go to the battle in Zhanshi, an ancient Chinese game where legendary soldiers unite in defense of honor.

This 20-payline slots game is packed with everything you need to stand up and fight. You’ll find a top award of 30,000x your bet per line, two big free game features that are easy to get into, an d a big jackpot that resets at $1000.

Ready to command some serious respect from your opponents with every spin? Download the Prism Casino software, create your account, and gear up for one amazing adventure with Zhanshi.

How to Play Zhanshi

Whether you know all the right warrior moves or you prefer to spread love instead of fight, it’s easy to suit up and play Zhanshi. There are a few basic elements you need to know—paylines, bet per line, and the arrows that control them. To get started, make your bet and line selections using the up and down arrows to the left and right of the Lines and Bet button. There are 20 lines available for you to play, but you don’t have to play all 20. If you want to play just 1 line, play just 1 line. If you prefer to play all 20, that’s good too. If you want to play 16 lines one game and 13 lines the next, you’re golden. You can also adjust your bet per line using the arrows, anywhere from $0.01 to $5 per line, for a final bet per spin ranging from $0.01 to $100. To lock in your bet, hit the Spin button.

Zhanshi Rules

All warriors follow a code of conduct and Zhanshi is no different. In this online slots game, progressive jackpot wins are added to other wins for maximum winning opportunity. What’s more the jackpot is triggered at random, so it pops when you least expect it to. Third, all symbols pay out from left to right, with the exception of the Temple symbols (they pay out in any direction). And finally, while warrior symbols can substitute in for all other symbols in the game, they can’t substitute in for scatter symbols, so keep that in mind.

Zhanshi Controls

  • Place your bet using the Bet and Line arrows (for a full description, see our How to Play section).
  • When you’re happy with your bet amount, press the Spin button.
  • The reels will start spinning. Simply sit back and wait for them to stop.
  • When the reels come to a stop, the software will check to see if you’ve matched anything and pay you out accordingly.
  • If you hit three or more Warrior symbols, you’ll get to play up to 25 free games with triple prizes.
  • If you hit three or more Temple symbols, you’ll get to play 10 free games with double prizes.

Zhanshi Features

  • 2 free games features for more chances to win on the house
  • A top award of 30,000x your bet per line for more winning opportunity
  • A great ancient Chinese warrior theme with great sound effects

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