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2013 Trend: Free Slot Games with Bonus Features

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2013 trending free slot games

Online slots have gotten to become extremely competitive over the past few years. In an attempt to try to and win over new players, and even retain existing ones, many of the online casinos are offering bonus features that include free slot games. For 2013, this trend is expected to explode as it becomes common place for these types of bonus features to be the main way to acquire new customers.

Free games are an inexpensive way to develop customer loyalty. In fact, in many cases, the player views them as much more valuable, since the potential exists to win on more free spins. Many of the games on already have the free game feature available with them. ‘Bulls and Bears’ comes with a feature that allows the player to win up to 15 free games. The amount of free games is tiered based on the number of Chart symbols you hit, starting with three. Three symbols wins you five games, four symbols get you seven games, and five symbols gets you fifteen games.


With the game ‘Polar Explorer’, the road to free games is slightly different. Landing on any three ships awards the player five free games, while in the Explorer Feature. While in the Discover Feature, you can fetch as many as eight free games, as is the same in Hidden Treasure. In a game like ‘Loch Ness Loot’, the free game structure is much less extravagant, but perhaps more attractive. In this game, if you hit the Treasure symbol three across, then you get eight free games. More importantly, during this free game bonus, your prizes are automatically doubled.

Winning these free games can be quite awarding and will allow hours of fun play. It allows you to stretch your investment out to more games, and in some cases, like Loch Ness Loot, you can even exponentially increase your profit. That is a win-win, for both the player and the casino.


The casino wants the player to stay and play, and gone are the days of the online casino simply offering a game with no bonuses. To remain relevant in this gaming universe, you need a robust bonus structure that includes deposit bonuses and attractive features. The games must be appealing, but in addition, the games must be worth wile to play from a financial aspect. Granted, it has been proven that players will pay for fun, but online casinos everywhere are upping the ante when it comes to developing and offering fantastic bonus features.


The games currently being offered at Prism Casino are just a few examples of what is available on the market today. However, you may be hard pressed to find a bonus structure that is as attractive as games like ‘Bulls and Bears’, ‘Polar Explorer’, or ‘Loch Ness Loot’.

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