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April Promotions: Thy Kingdom for a Bonus!

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Prism Casino is the only online casino where the lords of the realm come to play games of chance, enjoy the glory of victory, and challenge each other to duels (literally and figuratively). This month, the April Prism Casino promotions offer each of our registered members the opportunity to see what it feels like to play all of our fabulous online games like a member of royalty.

Lords and Ladies

The Lords and Ladies (non-VIP members) of Prism Casino are welcomed in with much fanfare and trumpeting to sit at the upper table and feast upon these Prism Casino bonuses that are fit for only the finest gentlemen and delicate of ladies:


Our royal 560% bonus, good for slots and keno only, but it comes with limitless redemptions. To get this bonus, just deposit $70 or more and enter the Kingdom code: KINGDOM560. Our regal 310% bonus, good for all games and slots, and also comes with an unlimited amount of redemptions. To get your regal bonus, deposit $30 and enter the code: KINGDOM310. Our lordly 160% bonus is good for all of the games on slots we offer, can be redeemed an unlimited amount of times, and can be had simply by depositing $30 and entering the code: KINGDOM160.

Knights in Shining Armor

This Prism Casino promotional is more than just a commoner’s bonus, it is the type of challenge that calls to the gallant, the brave, and the courageous. This months’ challenge is the Knights in Shining Armor challenge. To participate and earn a 220% bonus you need only deposit $30 or more, enter the code ARMOR220, and then play your way through our keno and slots games. If you’re the luckiest of the entrants, you could win a free $10,000 casino chip! That is a lot of horses and chainmail leggings!


Kings and Queens

Our royal April casino promotions also offer something sophisticated and luxurious enough for our VIP members. To enjoy our kingly 630% bonus, you need only deposit $70, enter the code KINGVIP630, and play our keno and slots games. To sample our queenly 380% bonus and try your hand at winning any of our casino games, you must deposit $30 and enter the code: KINGVIP380. Prism Casino’s princely bonus of 230% is available to the royal personage who deposits $30 or more, and enters the code KINGVIP230. This bonus is good on any of our games and is redeemable an unlimited amount of times.

When Prism Casino throws a royal bash, we really make our members feel like kings and queens. Now, come! Fill your coffers and treasure chambers with bonuses!

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