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Armed robbers steal $180,000 from Caesars Atlantic City

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As if Atlantic City casinos weren’t facing enough of an uphill battle with the closing of one casino earlier this year and the impending closing of another two casinos in the coming months, they now have to deal with this.

On Monday morning, two masked robbers made off with over $180,000 from Caesars Atlantic City. Two suspects entered the property shortly after 6am. One of the suspects allegedly brandished a gun and made off with two plastic boxes, which contained about $180,000 in cash.


This is actually the second big Atlantic City heist in a span of one year. In 2013, jewel thieves broke into The Borgata and swapped about $200,000 worth of jewelry from the property.

One would think that a casino dealing with tens of millions in cash at one time, not to mention millions in casino chips, would have much better security. Are the guards carrying the money not armed? And if they are armed, are they trained to just give in to demands?

Either way, this is scary stuff not just for the casino itself, but also for the people who like to frequent Atlantic City. The seaside resort town has suffered enough of a setback with declining revenue and lack of interest among gamblers in the area. People are choosing to gamble online at casinos like Prism Casino. They’re also choosing to head to resort casinos in the area. The five new casinos being built across the border in New York won’t help much.


What’s more, Atlantic City has gotten a bit of a reputation as a seedy town, at leased when you compare it to the glitz and glamour that is Vegas. This heist could lead to casino players staying away out of a fear of crime.

To be fair, though, heists of this magnitude do happen elsewhere, including in Las Vegas. In 2010, a man rode up to the Bellagio lobby in a motorcycle and stole $1.5 million in chips at gunpoint. And believe it or not, that year Las Vegas saw 10 heists across the strip.

It definitely seems like people are always trying to beat the house, even by illegal means. A few months ago, a poker player was caught swapping counterfeit chips for real ones in a tournament at The Borgata in Atlantic City, which ultimately led to the termination of the tournament with only a few dozen players remaining.

At the end of the day though, these players always get caught. We look forward to following up this story with a public shaming of the armed robbers who stole cash and struck fear into the hearts of casino players who just want to bust the house the legal way.

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