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Atari’s Faith in Online Gambling

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Remember the days of playing Atari in black & white TV screens? I still can. I can seriously teleport to the house that hosted my childhood and smell banana cake being baked by my mother, I can see my white and back then stylish Reeboks and my siblings and I playing Atari for hours. You see, back then mothers didn’t know that children would stop playing outside to be able to play video games. Atari was a fun and much welcomed game.


If you, like me, are one of those people who have melancholic tendencies to look into our pasts, I might have good news for you. Many of us know that Atari declared bankruptcy back in 2013, but it seems that the company is entering the world of social casino gaming. You heard right! The melancholic and gambler inside of me wants to know more about this.

The video game company announced in March of this year, the launching of a new product appropriately called Atari Casino. The game, which will appear online, on mobile devices, and on Facebook, comes out of a partnership with video game company Flow Play. That’s the first partnership Atari has signed since going through bankruptcy court in 2013. (Hooray!)

I know I got your interest so far and I’m sure that like me, you want to know the details of how this union can work in a game or device. Though it will be branded with Atari’s most memorable games, Atari Casino will be a straightforward gambling game of poker, slots, and blackjack. It will be very similar to FlowPlay’s Vegas World or Slots Social Casino games, but will feature visual themes taken straight from famed Atari games. Sound pretty cool, right?


This new direction for the company is statement on both businesses. Atari is relying on the nostalgia for its decades-old hits to survive, in other words, on people like you and me and the online casino market is without a doubt where the money is. I am no expert in business subjects, but it is no secret that Atari has struggled to recapture the glory of their 1980s heyday, but even though they have failed to keep up in the world of Xbox and PlayStation consoles, those old classics still remain valuable properties to reach the aging veterans of console combat. And, the gambling world certainly could use a bit of a new spark in the way they do things. Without a doubt, says melancholic me, I think that this union will not only be profitable, but really fun for us gamers and gamblers.

As for me, I’m hoping this invention comes to the market as soon as possible. I’m eager to try new versions of beloved games and new versions of my beloved gambling games.

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