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Beam those bonuses up Scotty! Our June monthly promos are otherworldly!

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This month at Prism casino you are going to feel in a whole other planet with our stellar promotions! Put on your space suit and prepare to blast off to a gambling universe filled with celestial goodies that increase your deposits and give you the opportunity to win a $9,999 free chip! Don’t worry, the interplanetary atmosphere is not playing tricks on you, you heard it: 10,000 space bucks are waiting for you so don’t miss the launch window that the month of June brings!


The first rocket is specifically designed for those cosmonauts that love to play Slots and Keno all the time. With a $70 deposit, this rocket can provide a 560% bonus that soars up with a 30x playthrough and a 10x Cash-Out max.

Our second space station comes equipped for players that are interested in playing all allowed games at a deposit bonus of $30 and a bonus of 310%. The playthrough for this promo is 60x for Video Poker and Blackjack and 30x for the other allowed games! And be ready to get paid astronomically because it also comes with a 10x Cash-Out.

Finally, the third galactic shuttle is for those space cowboys that are interested in quick withdrawals at warp speed! With a deposit of $30 or more, you have access to 160% bonus for all allowed games except Blackjack. With this coupon, there is no playthrough and no max Cash-Out. Ready for liftoff? Go to our monthly promotion page and get the codes! Do not forget that these bonuses are redeemable by an unlimited amount of times, so make sure to check that in your Captain’s log!

By your command! Get $9,999 worth of free chips!


This month, we are celebrating one of our raddest slots ever! The popular Outta This World slot has been a constant favorite amongst our players and we feel very happy about that. Hence, we have created a special promotion that celebrates it by giving you a $9,999 free chip to fuel your starship and fill up your golden arks! With a deposit of $30 or more, you get a 175% bonus for Slots and Keno. Now if you deposit $40 or more and play Outta This World exclusively, you will get to play with no bet requirements and no maximum Cash-Out! What’s more, if you are able to bet the amount of your deposit plus the bonus by 100x, you will be the astral winner of $10,000 FREE!

Incoming transmission message: Good news for our VIPs space cadets!


Our VIPs are going to be blaster-happy all month round as they explore these special bonuses! The first one is a 630%bonus with a deposit of $70 dollars or more. This promo only applies to Slots and Keno and comes with a 30X playthrough and a 10x max Cash-Out.

Our second starry connection is a bonus of 380% for all added games with a minimum deposit of $30. The playthrough of this coupon is 60x for Blackjack and Video Poker but only 30x for the rest of the games. The max Cash-Out has a limit of 10x.

Finally, the astronauts that are not interested in Blackjack can take advantage of the third promo, since it is for all allowed games except Blackjack. This promo gets you a 230% bonus with a deposit of $30 or more. As a special perk, this bonus has no playthrough and no max Cash-Out, so you can buy the drinks at the space canteen at any time!

All the VIP promotions can be redeemed unlimited times so set your starship into gear and get those VIP codes at light speed!

This June, take a trip down the starry lane of promotions that Prism casino has for you and take those bonuses to infinity and beyond!!!!

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