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Casino chip thief gets caught, obviously

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When it comes to stealing casino chips, here’s some advice. Don’t do it. You will be caught. And justice will be served on a silver platter (your head will likely be on it, for the record).

We’ve said this before but it needs repeating, apparently. Police have just arrested a man in Florida after he followed a woman home from Seminole Classic Casino, pushed his way into her house, and stole $8,000 in casino chips from her purse.


Del Jimmyo Wright-Johnson was seen on casino security surveillance cameras watching the baccarat table that a woman was winning big at. As she left the casino, the same security footage shows Wright-Johnson, who I’ll refer to as Jimmyo from this point forward just because I can, was seen following seconds behind her.

Obviously, after Jimmyo swiped the casino chips from the woman, she went to the police. Police interacted with the casino security team, who in turn captured the suspect watching her.

The next day, Jimmyo tried to cash $2,097 in chips at the casino. The cashier told him she needed to see ID and his debit card. Jimmyo returned with the cards in hand and was subsequently arrested. There was no question it was him considering the police found the victim’s purse inside good old Jimmyo’s car.

Jimmyo was known to police, so why he’d even attempt to cash some casino chips is beyond me. A few months back, Jimmyo (still loving that name, by the way) was arrested after trying to steal $8,500 worth of chips from a poker table at Seminole Hard Rock in Holllywood.


If you’re a criminal reading this, please take away from this story that you will be caught if you ever try to steal casino chips from lucky players. And you will do time.

If you’re a big winner, your takeaway should be that you should always watch your surroundings. The victim in this case said she felt she was being followed. If you’re carrying a lot of cash or a lot of chips and you think someone is following you, don’t drive home. Drive to a police station. Chances are the person following you will change direction.

And finally, if you’re thinking of having kids, Jimmyo is a great name. Though I’d consider spelling it with a dash (Jimmy-o sounds about right).

Happy gaming!

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