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Casino Gambling News: What’s happening in Tennessee, Georgia, and New Hampshire

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50 states, 50 different gambling laws. It might be called The United States, but in their idea of what kind of gambling should be allowed in a state, they’re way too divided.

Each state is free to make its own decision on gambling within its borders. And that means that every state has its own set of rules, from the number of resort casinos allowed to where casinos are permitted, to how many and what kind of games are authorized.

This week, we’re taking a look at important news out of three states that could change the way America gamblers.



State Representative Jason Powell has proposed a legislation that would bring casino gambling to the State of Tennessee. He cites casino gambling as a way to find K-12 education and help people in Tennessee, so he’s included provisions in the bill that would make sure revenue generated from casino gambling is allocated accordingly.

The state is wise to legalize gambling. After all, Mississippi took in $248 million in 2014 through gambling taxes. And between 2007 and 2012, 30 percent of Mississippi’s gambling revenue came from residents of Tennessee.



Bills to legalize six casino resorts in the State of Georgia were introduced in the house. Supporters believe that it would generate $250 million a year. This is a great bill, though it likely won’t pass this year. It will, however, spark a conversation about whether casino gambling is right for the State of Georgia. Expect to see a question on the ballot in the 2016 election regarding the legalization of resort casinos.

New Hampshire


Casino gambling could soon be coming to New Hampshire after the Senate passed a bill in a 13-11 vote that allows for two casinos with a total of 240 table games and 5,000 slot machines. The bill will go to the House, where it could be killed. However, this bill does have the support of the Governor, so it could be good news for gamblers in that state.

We’ll keep you updated with news out of more states soon, including Pennsylvania’s push for authorizing online gambling to what’s happening down in Florida. Check back here frequently for updates as Prism Casino takes the pulse of American gambling.

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