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Casino player charged with leaving her kids in the car to gamble

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It’s September, and that means the weather is getting cooler. But hopefully people won’t use the cooler weather as an excuse to be careless.


I’m talking about idiot parents leaving their kids in cars while they go gamble at casinos. We’ve heard news like these before, but it keeps happening. It just did in Miami. Josephine Laidler has been charged with leaving her two young boys inside her car while she gamble at a Hialeah Casino with her boyfriend, 25-year-old Tyrell Johnson.

The heat index, for the record, was 100 degrees. The mother was nice enough to leave the engine on, so I’m guessing the kids had air conditioning, or at least a cracked window (not that either is a good excuse). If not, we’d be talking about a child neglect and murder charge instead.

Thank goodness for casino security. On a regular patrol, security officers discovered the 4-year-old and 1-year-old boys locked in the car. They had been left alone for at least 90 minutes. The car was unlocked, which actually kind of makes things worse. Someone could have very easily abducted the children or stolen the car.

Personally, I think people who leave their kids in parked cars to go gamble should have their children taken away and put in foster care. This isn’t about running into a store to pay for gas. This isn’t about taking care of some emergency and leaving your child unattended for a few brief seconds. This is about 90 minutes of child neglect, just so you can go and get your gambling fix in.


This seems to be happening more often than not. In fact, it’s happened a few times this summer. So should casinos have systems in place to stop this from happening?

One idea is to have a guard at every casino entrance. If a car enters the casino with children, they should not be allowed to park, particularly since children aren’t allowed on the premises. Of course, this could get tricky of a casino complex has all-ages shops and restaurants.

What’s more, it doesn’t prevent stupid behavior. If someone wants to play casino games and has no regard for their children’s well being, they’ll find another way.

I hope that gamblers don’t see the changing weather as an opportunity to change their parenting behavior and leave their kids in the car for a few minutes. If they do, you can count on Prism Casino to report on it.

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