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Casino player helps prevent armed robbery

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When you think of dangers associated with playing online casino games, the only thing that really comes to mind is having your foot fall asleep from sitting too long. And when it comes to playing live, casinos are usually pretty safe, what with the eye in the sky and high-tech security keeping tabs on everything and everyone.


But on Friday, May 15th, things got a little heated at the Lucky You casino in Butte, Montana. Sylvia Ramirez Llamas entered the casino on Friday night waving a handgun. She threatened the clerk with the weapon and demanded money.

The clerk didn’t have a chance to comply because a random casino player decided to tackle Llamas and wrestle the gun away from her. He was successful (lucky for him and everyone around him). Both the hero and the clerk held the suspect down until the police arrived on scene, and everything ended happily ever after.

While the would-be thief wasn’t very successful, it got us thinking about previous casino heists in recent history. Our favorite? A $33 million take-down at the Crown Casino in Australia.


It happened in 2013 and details are pretty sketchy. The casino won’t reveal exactly how the chips were taken and where, but they did reveal that it involved its very own surveillance system. Apparently, someone figured out how to hack into their surveillance system and had the information that was being broadcast relayed back through an earpiece.

Our guess? The man knew exactly when the camera wasn’t paying attention to him and swiped large-value chips. A total of $33 million was taken until the Crown Casino uncovered the scam. It’s not clear whether the casino has recovered the stolen loot, but if the culprit walked away with the cash successfully, we’re guessing the money was his.

Not everyone gets away with it though, even when you think they might. In December 2010, a robber snatched $1.5 million in chips at gunpoint from Bellagio in Las Vegas and fled on motorcycle, which was parked right outside the lobby. He was caught when he tried to redeem a $25,000 chip.

There are tons more stories like this that happened in Vegas and around the world, which makes us glad that we run an online casino as opposed to a live one.

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