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Chris Moorman wins $30,000 in a week, earns Triple Crown

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Whoever says you can’t make a living playing online poker obviously never met Chris Moorman. Just the other day, Moorman won his 21st Triple Crown.

No, we’re not talking about horse racing. Just like poker has its own World Series that has nothing to do with baseball, the popular American pastime also has its very own non-horseracing Triple Crown. Reserved for the online world, the Triple Crown is an accolade awarded by a big online poker forum to a player who wins three major online poker tournaments in a span of just seven days.


Last week, Chris Moorman won his 21st Triple Crown after winning a €10,000 Guaranteed Rebuy poker tournament for $3,600, the popular Benjamin tournament for $6,500, and the High Roller event on a French online poker site for a nice $20,000 payday.

For those keeping track, that’s over $30,000 USD in a span of seven days. Now, I could go ahead and calculate how much coin that is in a year if he was able to make that kind of money every week. But doing so wouldn’t do his earnings justice. Just five months ago, Chris Moorman became the first and only poker player to earn over $10 million playing online poker tournaments. That’s a lot of cash playing poker in your underwear at home.

OK, I know, I know. Not everyone plays at home in their underwear. Just because I write articles from my home office without a shirt doesn’t mean poker players are of the same class. But this is online where anonymity reigns supreme. And Chris Moorman seems to be the king of reigning.


As I went over his tournament victories on various online poker tournament databases, I was beyond impressed. I always knew that Prism Casino offered people the opportunity to make a killing playing casino games, but playing poker is a whole other ball game.

Full disclosure. We don’t offer online poker here. But that doesn’t mean you can’t hone your game with us. If you want to follow in Chris Moorman’s footsteps, try video poker online right now. You can play for free just by setting up an account. The best part? You won’t be playing against other players. As long as your hand ranks on the board, you’ll get paid out.

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