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From Pauper to Prince! – Prism’s Monthly Promo

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Prism Casino is proud to crown our members with royally awesome bonuses for the month of August. If you’d like a taste of what it feels like to be royalty, all you have to do is stop by Prism Casino and take advantage of these kingdom bonuses.

Prism Nobility


Just because you aren’t a king doesn’t mean you can live like one. Our 560% bonus offers our regular Prism members a bonus good on any slots or keno games. This bonus is a simple get when you deposit $70 or more and enter the code: PEASANT560. Peasant or not, you’ll win lots of get prizes.

The 310% bonus for our Prism nobility is available for use on all allowed Prism Casino games. To unlock this bonus and win your cash you need only deposit $30 and enter the code: PEASANT310 in the available bonus code box.

The least of our bonuses, the 160% bonus, may be small but it sure is worth the $30 deposit required. With this bonus you can play any of the allowed games, except Blackjack, and win your weight in casino chips. To redeem this bonus, enter the code: PEASANT160.

Get Rich!

With this 185% bonus and our Realm of Riches wagering challenge, you can truly cash in and live like a king! To get your chance at winning a free $6,666 casino chip all you must do is deposit $40 or more, enter the code: ROYAL185, and play Realm of Riches. If you can wager the amount of your deposit and bonus by 100X or more, you will win a $6,666 casino chip free!

Prism VIP Royalty


Stand back and let the royals through so that they can cash in their 630% bonus on any slots and keno game and win big. To place your royal hand on this bonus, all your royal highness must do is deposit at least $70 and type the code: VIPKING630 into the bonus code box.

The queenly 380% bonus is good on all allowed Prism Casino games. With this bonus you can play and win as much as you want for a small deposit of $30 and the bonus code: VIPKING380. Enter the code, play your favorite games, and win.

The royal 230% bonus is especially for royals who love to play any Prism Casino game except Blackjack. To earn this bonus on your gaming wins, you only have to deposit $30 or more and type the code, VIPKING230 into the bonus code box provided.

Whether you’re a pauper or a prince, you can win enough money to buy the royal jewels, the royal palace, and maybe even the royal hand in marriage. Prism Casino is bringing only the best in royal online casino games to our beloved kingdom citizens (members).

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