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Game Review: Football Frenzy

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I’m a huge, huge soccer fan. So 2014 is definitely my year. I’ve already started betting on the World Cup 2014 and I’ve got my picks for each group (though truth be told, there are some groups I’m downright avoiding).

So when I found out that we were developing a new World Cup game with our software partner, Real Time Gaming, I was stoked. Now I don’t have to wait for Brazil to experience the adrenaline rush that comes with the greatest sport in the world. Now, with Football Frenzy, all I need to do is fire up my Mac or PC and hit the field. A championship title is just a few clicks away.


If you’re not used to playing soccer, you’re going to love Football Frenzy anyway. The online slots game is familiar to many, boasting the same 5 reels that we’ve all come to expect from multi-reel slot machines. And this one has 50 paylines, just like some of the other slots in the Prism Casino collection.

But here’s where it gets really cool. Before you hit Spin, you get to choose one of two modes. There’s Striker Mode and Lucky Mode. When you choose to enter the game in Striker Mode, you could score up to 100 free games in a bonus round, each one with 3x prize multipliers. Opt for Lucky Mode and you’ll have the chance to play an instant feature game at the end of a spin. While the 3x multipliers won’t exist, the feature game is still pretty impressive.

This game has all the symbols and graphics you’d come to expect from a World Cup game. There’s the Striker, which is the wild symbol. You’ll score 2x prizes when you hit one in a winning combo. And there’s the Stadium symbol, which is the scatter. If you hit five of them, 100 free games could be yours. And even hitting 3 of them gets you a prize.


There’s so much to love in this game, but my hands down favorite is the Penalty Kick bonus. When you’re in free game mode, find a Bonus Ball symbol on all five reels and you’ll take the field for a penalty kick. Landing the ball in the net leads to huge payouts, making the game even more rewarding.

There are also two big jackpots in this one, so you could feel like a champion at the end of the game, even without winning big leading up to that point.

Football Frenzy is now live in the Prism Casino software. It’s also available through Instant Play on your Mac or PC, so give it a try.

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