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Guess who’s having a Santastic! Christmas?

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We’re in total Christmas mode! It’s our most favorite time of the year. We love the gingerbread house decorating. Cutting down trees. Decorating those trees. Replacing the trees we cut down with prefabricated ones from Target because we quickly realized that the tree we cut down was too big to fit in our living room.

We love hanging the mistletoe tossing the stockings up on the mantle. And we love stacking the presents under the tree.

We love drinking eggnog, alcoholic or otherwise. We love the Christmas parties. We love the brightly lit houses. We even love the holiday music they play over the loudspeaker at Macy’s. We love just about everything about Christmas, with the exception of carolers. We’re not a fan of carolers, but that’s a post for another day.

So believe us, we were stoked the second we saw the new Christmas themed game to hit Prism. It’s Santastic! No, that’s not a fantastic typo. The game is actually called Santastic!, and if you love Christmas, you’re going to be all over this one. Not a fan of the holidays? It doesn’t matter. If you love money, you need to check out Santastic!


Now if you’re used to playing Christmas-themed slot machine games at Prism Casino, we should warn you that Santastic! is a bit different. Most of our other holiday games are 5-reel games with 25 or 50 paylines. Santastic! has just three reels and five paylines, so this is a bit of a hybrid between a 3-reel classic and a multi-reel slot machine with bonus rounds.

The game features a top payout of 2,500x your bet per line, so if you’re looking for something that features a bigger payout of tens of thousands, this isn’t your game. But the smaller top payout seems to lead to more frequent wins in our testing of the game. And if you ask us, we love getting a lot of smaller gifts during the holidays as opposed to just one massive gift.


Santastic! features a special bonus round called the Festive Feast. You’ll get to play it by hitting any 3-of-a-kind victory. Now, this is huge compared to other slot machine games that only let you into a bonus round with a specific win. In the Festive Feast bonus round, you’ll get to watch a special bonus meter and find out what you’ve won. You can score 2,500 your bet per line, as many as three free jackpot spins, or up to 25 free games. Of course, you might end up winning nothing in the bonus round, but what’s Christmas without the prospect of possibly being handed a lump of coal in your stocking?

What we really love about Santastic!, though, are the two symbols that lead to big paydays so frequently. The game features both a Double symbol and a Triple symbol. Landing on a Double symbol in a winning combination leads to double prizes. Landing on a Triple symbol leads to triple prizes. And, get this, if you hit both symbols at the same time, you’ll earn 6x prizes! Merry Christmas, indeed!

The big Christmas rewards are just the start of what makes Santastic! our new holiday favorite. The game really gets us in the Christmas spirit, with all kinds of holiday symbols, holiday graphics, and Christmas sound effects to make us smile. And best of all, no carolers!

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