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Howdy Governor…of Poker?

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Governor of Poker is the new game that is taking poker lovers by storm! This game by Youda combines the game we all know and love with the recent trends in game platforms like Monopoly, Farmville, etc. In Governor of Poker, your goal is to become the new governor in town and beat all the poker pros on your way to the top!


Something interesting about the game, besides all the poker action, is that it actually has a plot. The storyline of Governor of Poker really kept me entertained. In this game, the current governor of Texas has prohibited all sorts of Poker activity to take place in the state but you are not going to stand for that! No siree Bob! Therefore, you are going to get rich by playing undercover poker and buy every single place in Texas until you become the new governor in town!

In this game, you can choose your name, your gender, the level of difficulty and you can put your poker skills to the test. Do not be fooled by the charming design of the characters, these partisans are here to play rough and they will try to take your chips! You need to be on your toes and put all of your poker skills to the test in order to beat your competition and come out the winner in each tournament!

The plot of this game actually reminds me a little of the movie Footloose, where the pastor banned dancing on the town and a hot to trot teen came and revolutionized the town with his quick moves and turns. However, Kevin Bacon never had to do something so mentally challenging as playing poker!


This game has become so widely popular among users that there is even Governor of Poker 2 ! Wait, the expansion does not end there. There is a Facebook version called Governor of Poker Texas Tycoon where a multiplayer feature has been added so you can play with your Facebook friends or with other people from around the globe! I am really excited to try this version because I think it will be even more competitive and if there is something I love is a good poker challenge!

In the second installment of the game, the plot is similar but the challenges are harder and in the Facebook version, you are only concentrating on the town of El Paso and you have a bunch of cool features like XP points and achievements. Right now I am in the middle of the first game and playing the Facebook version with my buddies! This game is surely a winner for all the people that love poker and are looking for an innovative way to mix things up!

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