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June Promotion: Totally Outta This World!

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June is the month that we BLAST OFF and send our stellar members into geosynchronous orbit around our totally galactic promotion! Zip up your spacesuits, strap into your seats, and activate the boosters – you’re your way to our out-of-this-world bonuses!

Junior Space Cadets

Prism Casino members are in for the ride of their lives when they hitch their wagon to star and get on board for these planetary promotion bonuses.

Junior space cadets can set their lasers to stun and grab a hold of this 560% bonus good on any Prism Casino slots or keno game. All you have to do to get this bonus is deposit $70 into your casino bank and redeem the bonus code: OUTTA560.

Our 310% bonus is easily accessible by the space cadet who deposits $30 and enters the coupon code: OUTTA310. This bonus will allow you to play ANY of the Prism Casino games you want.

To use our 160% bonus, good for use on any game except Blackjack, you only have to deposit a minimum of $30 into your casino account and enter: OUTTA160 into the redemption code area.

The Intergalactic $9,999 Wagering Challenge!

Just because our monthly bonus is outta this world doesn’t mean we’re totally spacy! We have a great challenge waiting for any Prism astronaut willing to pony up the $30 deposit and enter the code: OUTTA175. Not only does this code give you access to our 175% bonus, but when you deposit an additional $40 and play our promotional slot game, Outta This World, you have a shot to WIN A FREE $9.999 CASINO CHIP.


VIP Spaceship Commanders

Prism Casino’s VIP Space Commanders look amazing in the uniform and kill it in the captain’s seat! This month, our VIP members can take advantage of these thrilling promotion bonuses.

The VIP 630% bonus is specifically for use on our galactically outrageous slots and keno games. To redeem this bonus simply deposit $70 and enter the code: OUTTA630 in the code redemption area.

Our 380% promotional bonus is ripe for galactic domination from our VIP members. Good on any Prism Casino game, this bonus can be yours for a deposit of $30 and the coupon code: OUTTA380. Redeem today and start playing with free money!

Prism Casino VIP Space Cadets will love our 230% bonus which is good on any of our games except our Blackjack games. Deposit as little as $30, enter the code: OUTTA230 in the redemption area, and light the after burners on your way to Outta This World fun and winnings.

Prism Casino is the premier online casino and our super nova monthly promotions only help to make your gaming experience on our website even better.

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