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Las Vegas strike could mean horrible service

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Imagine booking a weekend Vegas getaway. You’ve got your gambling money ready. You’ve got your show tickets planned. Your hotel is booked. You’ve even got your restaurants all planned out for every meal of your 4-day trip. Clearly, it’s going to be fantastic.

Now imagine landing at the airport, waiting in line for a taxi, making it to your hotel, and waiting in another check-in line. You have your bags with you because there was no porter to greet you. A bit exhausting, right? Nothing a couple of cocktails won’t cure.


So you head over to the casino bar for a few drinks before heading up to your room. Only there’s no one around to make it. No bartender. No server. Nothing. Seems out of character for a casino. After all, they want you to drink so you gamble more.

No big deal, you’ll just head up to your room, unpack, and head over to one of the hundreds of restaurants within walking distance. So you head to your room, open the door, and discover a room that’s not quite made up. It’s kind of clean, but doesn’t feel quite fresh.

Seems like the Twilight Zone, right? After all, Las Vegas is known for its full-service attitude. But that could change soon thanks to a recent strike vote. Culinary Union Local 226 just announced that more than 99% of its members have voted to authorize a strike if they don’t land a new contract soon through bargaining.

If the union strikes, workers at several Las Vegas properties could go on strike. That includes workers at Binion’s, El Cortez, Four Queens, Fremont, Golden Gate, Golden Nugget, Las Vegas Club, Las Vegas Plaza, Main Street Station and The D properties.


And in spite of its name, the Culinary Union doesn’t just represent food service workers. We’re talking a total of 55,000 workers that include not only food service employees, but also bartenders, housekeepers, porters and other occupations.

If they strike, that could affect service at many hotels. But that doesn’t mean things will shut down entirely. The last strike in Sin City lasts more than six years and saw picketers demonstrating in front of the Frontier casino. It ended in 1991.

The good news in all of this is that there are several different unions in Vegas. MGM Resorts and Caesars both negotiated 5-year union contracts. And so did a bunch of independent properties. And hey. If service is really bad, you can always stay home and hit an online casino like Prism instead.

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