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Let’s Create a Gambling Budget

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If you’re a lover of gambling, but like me, need a day job to earn a living, this post is for you. I have been a gaming lover since I was in college and I worked as I waitress to get by. Back then I was already responsible for my living expenses and even though I was younger and innocent (smirk,) I understood that I needed to organize myself and create a gambling budget. My love for the game required me to get organized in order to continue playing and still live a great life. Little did I know back then, that my foreshadowing organization would actually give me great rewards.

Whether you´re new to gambling or have been an experienced player at live or online casinos, it´s important that you set a gambling budget and make sure that you stick to it no matter what. Here are a few tips I have came up with in order to help you get away with being responsible while having fun.


1. Be realistic with your expenses

Make sure you take a realistic look at your own or your family’s monthly expenses. Everything from rent, food, debt payments or entertainment activities. Make note of any necessary savings amounts and leave a buffer for surprise expenses. Then, the amount remaining after that, is your maximum gambling budget. This budget may never be exceeded!

2. We need to look at gambling as a source of entertainment

As a nice and fun extra in your life. It’s always wise to keep this one expectation as the reason for your gambling: have fun while being aware that you will lose the money of your budget. That money spent should be seen as an investment for your entertainment. Like going to the movies! (If any extra money is made, great!)

3. Set a maximum amount for entertainment

When playing online, make sure you set a weekly or monthly maximum. If you’re using an alternative payment method like Neteller to make your deposits, don’t transfer more than your stipulated maximum budget. Since it’s so easy to deposit money online, watch that temptation of transferring more!

4. always make sure your budget fits

In order to stretch your budget, make sure you choose the casino games that are suited for your budget. If your weekly or monthly gambling budget is low, don’t pick the high-roller American Roulette tables and risk losing all of your money in one shot. This will annoy you and probably make you want to spend more than the estimated amount. Check out the Slot machines, Card Tables, Table Games or other casino games which allow you to wager small amounts. Remember, the goal is to stretch your money and have as much fun as possible.

5. Make wise choices while you’re ahead

If you win a payout, you have the choice to keep playing or stop while you still have your earnings in your pocket. The trick is that once your account is empty, because you finished your budget, it’s time to stop. I know that this seems like an easy tip, but once you’re at that moment that you won and you think you can continue playing with just $20 more, (out of your budget) it’s very hard to stop.

Let’s get the budget done, dices and fun rolling!

Gemma Sykes

Gemma is not only a great game player who enjoys casino halls, she is also a great jazz dancer. She has a very keen interest in the way things work, her curiosity got her a job on online gambling industry as a writer. Always looking for new and fun ways to do things and still have time for the spotlight.