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New Jersey fines Caesars Interactive Entertainment $10,000

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It turns out that the New Jersey Gaming Enforcement Division means business when it comes to protecting players. The governing body, which oversees online gambling in the Garden State, has fined Caesars Interactive Entertainment $10,000 for soliciting players. Not just any players. I’m talking about players who have excluded themselves, voluntarily, from gambling in New Jersey.


Casinos and online gambling operators are barred from sending out promo emails or any sort of marketing materials to gamblers who have banned themselves. Apparently, Caesars got in touch with 250 such people.

This might have been a complete oversight. When you’re working with large databases, it’s easy to mix emails and names up and accidentally send info to the wrong people. It definitely happens, though we take stringent efforts to make sure it doesn’t happen to Prism Casino players.

What happens if you self-exclude yourself from playing at Prism Casino? Well, we take responsible gambling very seriously. For example, we pre-set deposit limits for the day, week, and month. You can’t deposit over a certain amount using your credit card or even through 3rd party deposit methods. We do this for a few reasons:


First, we want to prevent fraudulent charges, something that hurts both the casino and other players. Second, we want to make sure you’re playing within your means. If you’re depositing too much, too often, that’s a sign that you’re not playing within your budget, and we’re not cool with that.

Now, it’s important to know that you could have $100 on the site, never deposit again, and still have a gambling problem. If you’re playing too often, or if playing is getting in the way of your social life, that’s the sign of an addiction.


For that reason, we have a self-exclusion program in place. If you’d like to ban yourself from accessing our online casino for a few days, a few weeks, or forever, simply contact us. We’ll make sure you can’t access our software for a period of your choosing.

When you self-exclude yourself, we’ll apply the exclusion to all our software. That includes the downloadable version of our software, our Instant Play software, and even our mobile software should you choose to play on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device (or even on Windows Phone and BlackBerry devices).

If you think you might have a gambling problem, we encourage you to get help. Please visit to see an interactive map of resources available in your state.

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