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New Jersey gambling revenue down – and I know why

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A recent report from the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement reveals that online gambling revenue is down in May by about a million bucks compared to April numbers. And while many gambling opponents are arguing that there’s just no room for state-regulated online gambling in the US, I have my suspicions on why revenue is down. Keep reading for my totally logical take on things.

It’s finally nice out


It’s June. And if you’re reading this from somewhere like California or Nevada, you probably don’t care much. June just isn’t that much of a big deal, just like May wasn’t. Nor was April. Or March. Most months are pretty warm in your world. But not in New Jersey. While it’s in the high ‘70s and low ‘80s right about now in the Garden State, February 8th saw a lot of 19 degree Fahrenheit. When it’s cold, people stay inside and hop online. When it’s nice out, people get outside and don’t confine themselves to indoor entertainment. The drop in revenue this month could be directly related to the rise in temperature.

There’s a little thing called the World Series of Poker


The 2014 WSOP kicked off in May with a bunch of side events leading up to the Main Event. And guess what? Poker players in New Jersey who are serious about making cash hightailed it out of the Garden State and parked their chips in Nevada. That state also offers online poker and casino games, with the caveat that you also need to be within state lines to play. You can bet Nevada online gambling revenue will be up from May through July as the world descends on Sin City.

The technology just isn’t there yet


If you want to play in New Jersey, you need to be physically present in New Jersey. But sometimes that isn’t enough. Most online gambling sites in the Garden State use geolocation technology to confirm that you’re within state lines as you log on and play. But that technology isn’t the greatest. In some instances, if you’re close to the border, it might assume that you’re not in New Jersey and boot you out – or not let you play at all. Frustrated players end up playing elsewhere instead of dealing with the hassle.

These are my perceptions of what’s happening in New Jersey. I think that New Jersey gambling sites need to step up their game if they want to compete with land-based operators in neighboring states, not to mention the scores of licensed online poker sites that happen to be based outside of the US. Better promos to keep people around is a good start, coupled with geolocation technology that works flawlessly. Oh, and maybe some sort of weather machine to make it rain permanently in the state so players stay inside.

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