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New Massachusetts Casino takes step backwards with fake live dealer blackjack

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This June, Massachusetts is set to get is very first casino. Dubbed Plainridge Park Casino, the racino will offer Massachusetts residents slots, video poker, and video blackjack games in a lively casino environment.

Sounds great, right? Except for one thing. The Blackjack isn’t actually real Blackjack. It’s video Blackjack.

The concept is interesting. Instead of playing on a slot-like machine, there will be a giant screen with a dealer and individual seats around the screen, set up much like a Blackjack table. Each seat will have its own touch screen where players receive their virtual cards, place bets, and so on. It’s like Blackjack, except it doesn’t require an actual dealer.


We like this concept of video dealers, but it’s a bit backwards if you ask us. The video dealers here are trying to simulate real dealers, but in reality it’s a combination of real dealers and results generated by a Random Number Generator, much like you’d find in regular online Blackjack.

At this casino, the video screens are of real dealers. But they don’t actually deal out the cards. If you sit down to play, you’ll see the dealer motion to deal out the cards. And she’ll call out certain things to make the experience sound realistic. But she isn’t physically dealing out actual cards.

Instead, everything that hits the virtual felt is digital. The cards are digital. Your chips are digital. The stacks of money on the table are digital. Nothing is real. This is a lot like playing regular online Blackjack, except you don’t actually see a dealer. innervideobj11052015

But live dealer blackjack makes way more sense than this. Why go to a casino to play against a fake video dealer when you can stay home and play against live dealers?

At Prism Casino, you can sit down to play against a live dealer. She’ll deal you out actual cards, and all betting takes place via a video feed. The cards are real. The dealer is real. And the betting actions are real. You just happen to be playing in a different room.

If you haven’t played live dealer Blackjack at Prism Casino, give it a try. All you need is the downloadable software, which works on your Windows PC. And if you still like the completely digital version of Blackjack, we have regular games, too. And it’s all available from the comforts of home – right now.

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