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North America’s biggest casino cuts back on gambling

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Have you heard of Foxwoods? It’s the biggest casino resort in the United States. Actually, make that the biggest property in North America. And while the competition across neighboring states tries to up the ante with a more impressive gaming experience, Foxwoods is turning the other way, bucking the trend by reducing the number of gambling games.

You read that right. Foxwoods is getting rid of slot machines and table games to make way for…wait for it… nightclubs and other attractions. If this seems a bit counterproductive for a casino, it might be. But Foxwoods is no ordinary casino. It’s a massive property.


Opened in 1992, Foxwoods ushered in a new era in mega-casino gambling with 6,300 slot machines and 380 table games spread out over a massive property. But when the Great Recession hit, people stopped showing up. No, the casino wasn’t a ghost town. But at a property that size, a reduction in the number of gamblers is fairly obvious.

Today, while business is better than it was 4 years ago, Foxwoods is facing the prospect of three new casinos in Massachusetts, plus having to deal with some local competition in Mohegan Sun.

The reduction in slots and table games will pave the way for some new attractions including nightclubs, bars, and a new outlet mall. While some might view the move as surrendering, admitting that a complex of that size and scope just can’t survive, others see it as a move to meet today’s demands.

The same thing is happening in Las Vegas. Back in 1990, 61% of revenue earned in Las Vegas came from casino gambling. Today, we’re looking at 64% from non-gaming sources. Casino gambling has become a small attraction, even in a historically big casino market. Players are looking for other ways to be entertained, and non-gamblers want to be enticed, too.


Restaurants, nightclubs, shows, and shopping are the four big attractions that casinos need to focus on if they want to not just survive, but instead be market leaders.

Overall, this is a smart strategy. After all, by excelling in other categories, Foxwoods could attract different kinds of people and ultimately fill up that gambling floor once again. And even if they don’t, they’ll have the added revenue from the other offerings.

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