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Online casinos aren’t Rhode Island’s enemy

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You hear stories all the time about how online casinos are eating into land-based casino revenues. It’s an argument made by land-based casinos, both those run by the state and those run by Native American tribes. They usually make this argument because the state they happen to reside in does not permit online casino gambling.

Take a look at New Jersey, for example. A similar case was made by Atlantic City casinos prior to Governor Chris Christie opening up the market. The moment he did, almost every Atlantic City jumped on the bandwagon and opened up their own Internet property.


And what have they found? Revenues aren’t necessarily down because online properties exist. In fact, the same people who are playing online aren’t necessarily playing live. And having an online property is a great channel to convert Internet players into real-money ones where they can gamble live and experience entertainment on the boardwalk.

So now that we know land-based casinos don’t have to worry about online properties, we can turn our attention to what they do need to be concerned about. And it happens to be other land-based casinos.

Case in point? Look what’s happening in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. The Plainridge Racecourse in Massachusetts has just received a slot parlor license. And that has officials in Lincoln, Rhode Island a little concerned. Actually, very concerned.

While Rhode Island is a completely separate state, it’s literally just 20 miles away from Lincoln’s Twin River Casino. The property generates $300 million a year for the state treasury. And not just from locals, but from those in Massachusetts, too.


As soon as the slot machines go in, you can bet that $300 million figure will drop significantly. And that’s just a drop in the bucket.

Massachusetts is undergoing a major land-based casino expansion that will see even more properties pop up across the state, ultimately stealing more and more traffic from casinos in neighboring states.

When that happens, Rhode Island might have to turn to the enemy many land-based operators bash – online casinos. As the industry grows in New Jersey, and with Nevada and Delaware offering online poker, it’s only a matter of time before other states take notice and regulate online casinos in their market.

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