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Pennsylvania’s new Governor against casino expansion and online poker

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With online poker already regulated in Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware, the biggest question on the minds of Hold’em fans has been whether California or Pennsylvania would be the next state to regulate America’s favorite pastime next. Now it looks like California could be the smartest bet. More on why in a second, first, the backstory:

Up until 2011, millions of Americans played online poker. But after the big three were caught violating a specific law relating to processing payments for gambling, the Department of Justice shut them down.


No online casino was implicated in the law violation. It was only the big three poker sites. But today, while lots of online casinos serve American players, you’d be hard-pressed to find a reputable online poker site. Unless, of course, you live in Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware.

Those three states have regulated online gambling by handing out licenses. In the case of New Jersey, the Division of Gaming Enforcement awards licenses to Atlantic City’s land-based casinos, which in turn run on the online poker sites.

It’s been a full year since New Jersey started regulated online gambling. Many predicted that it would take a year before the next state would jump on the bandwagon, and those who predicted so are correct. Now it’s just a question of which state. Today, California looks to be the next state.

That’s not to say that California is any closer to state regulation of online gambling than it was a year ago. It just means that Pennsylvania is further away.


In November’s elections, Democrat Tom Wolf defeated the incumbent Republican Governor, Tom Corbett.

Corbett was fairly nonchalant when it came to online gambling. He wasn’t necessarily for it, but he certainly wasn’t against it. But with the new Tom, things are different.

Tom Wolf has actually gone on the record as being against online gambling expansion. In fact, he seems to be anti-casino expansion overall. But there is still a glimmer of hope that he could change his tune.

The state of Pennsylvania is facing some pretty big budget issues. A recent study shows that online gambling expansion could bring in over $100 million per year to Pennsylvania’s coffers, something that would definitely help with things like educational funding.

While we’re not an online poker site (we only offer casino games) we’ll definitely be watching this one for you, so stay locked to Prism Casino for all the info.

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