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Police take down motorcycle gang outside Crown Melbourne

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The old “casinos attract crime” debate has been dealt another blow, at least to the side saying that casinos aren’t crime magnets. At the Crown Casino in Melbourne, a Red Devils Motorcycle Club sergeant-at-arm is facing drugs and weapons charges after he was taken down and arrested outside the Crown Casino in Melbourne, Australia.

Local police intercepted a vehicle leaving he casino shortly before 10am on Wednesday, June 4th. Inside? Methamphetamine, cannabis, a swan-off shotgun, shells to go with it, and fake IDs.


Two guys with tons of tattoos were arrested in front of office buildings as onlookers watched completely shocked at what they were seeing. The Red Devils is allegedly a feeder club for the Hells Angels.

But I don’t think this argument holds water. Those who will use the take-down at the casino as evidence that casinos attract crime aren’t being fair. Yes casinos might attract criminal activity, especially from those who want to launder money by swapping cash for casino chips, and then back again, however, the stories are not always negative: Just earlier this year a heroic act took place at the exact same casino when a player actually prevented an armed robbery to take place.

The truth is you’ll find criminal activity pretty much everywhere you go. This story is gaining traction among anti-casino groups because it’s such an easy target. In reality? There have been far more police take-downs at adult gentlemen clubs or nightclubs over the last 10 years than there has been at casinos.


Casinos have mechanisms in check to keep criminals out. The eye-in-the-sly monitors everyone and looks for suspicious people who might just be on the premises to launder money or cheat the system. Entire security teams are dedicated to keeping people safe.

Out of fairness, I should point out that the two arrested weren’t necessarily laundering money. They might have been on the premises enjoying a morning at the casino, playing slots and hitting the craps tables. There is no proof that any criminal activity was taking place inside the casino. In fact, that’s not even an allegation being made by police. But those who fear casino expansion will definitely use it as an argument as a reason to limit casino expansion in their neck of the woods.

I think some people might be fearful of playing at the Crown for the next few weeks, especially those who witnessed the take-down. For those people, there’s always Prism Casino, which you can enjoy from your Mac or PC, or on the go from your smartphone or tablet. Remember, you can even play for free, so download now and give it a try.

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