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Ready to get your own Pot of Gold? – Prism Casino Monthly Promo

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With the month of March here, the Irish aren’t the only ones that can enjoy their fair share of luck. Each month, Prism Casino runs a promotion to give back to its loyal players and VIP members, and in March, they are offering fantastic benefits that include deposit bonuses and removal of maximum withdrawal limits. The great part of Prism Casino’s bonuses is that they are available all through the month, and that often times they do not have limits. So follow that rainbow to the end and check out that pot of gold, with start raking in your extra prizes all through the month of March.

There are two ways to earn with this month’s promotion. The first is available to anyone, while the second is only available for VIP members of Prism Casino. On St. Patrick’s Day, March 17th, there will be $50 chips that will be randomly given out to players for free. A total of $5,000 of free prizes will be given out that day. Additional prizes will be given out at the end of March as well to any players who qualify. VIP players are eligible for additional bonuses, such as 330% match on deposits of $30 or more for use on slots or keno, and no maximum withdrawal limitations. These are great ways to show that they care about their players, and it is not just limited to the month of March.


To enter into the sweepstakes give away for March 17th, you must redeem one of the deposit bonus codes of either GOLDPOT310 or GOLDPOT580. In addition, you must play the slot game Lucky Last at least once throughout the month of March. Be sure to do so before the giveaway dates to ensure eligibility. Also, you cannot earn consecutive free chips. In other words, if your last credit to your account was in the form of a free chip, and not a deposit, then you will fail to meet the eligibility requirements.

For VIP members, your eligibility is solely based on your status as a VIP member. With that membership, you are can redeem coupon code 4LEAFCLOVER to enjoy benefits such as the aforementioned 330% deposit match. Keep in mind, that this can only be used on slots and keno (no playthrough). The best part of this program is that there is no maximum withdrawal limit all through the month. There are no limits to the amount of times this code can be used and the deposit match can only be used on deposits of $30 or more.

The grand prize at the end of the month will be awarded using the same eligibility criteria as the March 17th prizes. Only the first prize winner will be notified directly that they have won.

When it comes to slots, there simply is not a better place to get the types and amounts of bonuses that offers.

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