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The 3 Netflix slot machines you’ll want to binge-play right now

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Have you cut the cord yet? As in getting rid of cable? With Netflix, there really is no need for TV. Yes, Netflix is often about a year behind for some series. But it seems as though the best shows on TV over the past few years are Netflix originals. While I haven’t yet cut the cord, I’m relatively close to doing so.

Netflix shows are incredibly rich in terms of storyline and quality. The company spends tens of millions on their shows — and sometimes as much as 100 million, as was the case with House of Cards.

And so many Netflix shows don’t just make for good TV. They also have the potential to be amazing slots games. Head to Vegas and you can already play slots based on today’s popular TV series, like AMC’s The Walking Dead, for example. So don’t be surprised if your favorite Netflix series shows up on the casino floor or even online.

Today, we’re taking a look at three Netflix series, including one that hasn’t yet been released, and revealing how they’d make amazing online slots games.

Fuller House


The sequel to the popular 1980s family sitcom Full House, Fuller House hasn’t yet hit Netflix. The series drops on Netflix on February 26th (I’ve already marked all my calendars, including my iPhone calendar and my white board at home), but we don’t exactly know some of the new characters. But here’s what we do know.

Fuller House features DJ Tanner, Stephanie Tanner, and DJ’s best friend Kimmy Gibbler living together under one roof. D is recently windowed, now all alone to raise her three boys—a 12-year-old, 7-year-old, and newborn. She gets help from her sister Stephanie (who wants to be a musician) and Kimmy, who is the mother of a teenage daughter.

At first, a Fuller House slot machine sounds rather silly. But hit any Las Vegas casino and it’s pretty clear that it wouldn’t be. After all, there’s an Ellen slot machine, for goodness sake. Surely a Fuller House slot machine makes way more sense.

The game would feature a variety of symbols including a golden retriever (who may or may not be an ancestor of Comet), the iconic San Francisco painted ladies houses, and a guitar (in honor of Stephanie’s musical career).

Because the show is so familiar, it wouldn’t hurt to include some symbols from the original Full House series either. Remember, pretty much the entire cast is set to reprise their roles on the show throughout the series. That means we’ll probably hear “Cut it out” and “Have mercy” along the way. Since Stephanie is a regular cast member, I suspect we’ll hear one or two “How rude” lines uttered. About the only thing we won’t hear is “You got it dude!” as the Olsen twins will not be appearing on the show (at least not in the first season, though that could change as revealed by Robert L. Boyett).

With that in mind, here’s a look at how the symbols may play out:

  • Scatter Symbol: Uncle Jesse’s hair. Hitting three of these rockets you into the bonus round where you’ll get to choose between two musicians — Stephanie Tanner and Uncle Jesse. The two will battle it out in a guitar round and if your pick tops the charts, you’ll win 25 free games (if your pick loses, you’ll still win 5 free games).
  • Substitute Symbol: The new golden retriever. In the teaser preview for Fuller House, we see a golden retriever puppy waiting inside the house for the family to arrive. Is this Comet? Is this Comet 2? My guess right now is Rocket, but who knows. Since this new puppy is obviously the substitute for yesteryear’s Comet, it’s only fitting that he’s also the substitute symbol in the game. When he shows up and you’re shy one or two symbols, he can sub in to help you complete a winning combination.
  • Hitting the Jackpot: Cut. It. Out. The Fuller House slot machine will come with a progressive jackpot that rises and rises as you play. If you hit three symbols in a straight line, you’ll hit the jackpot. Those three symbols are fingers and thumbs forming the symbols Cut (scissors), It (index finger pointing), and Out (thumb pointing backwards).

Jessica Jones


I’m not a huge fan of Superhero shows, but one series I absolutely love is Jessica Jones. The magical thing about this show is that Jessica Jones isn’t a typical superhero. She’s a private investigator, but she doesn’t have an alter ego. She just has extra powers that help her do her thing. But she’s not out to save the world. Plus, she swears a lot, drinks even more, and enjoys some stress relief in the bedroom, if you know what I mean.

Only one season of Jessica Jones has dropped, but I’m already excited about Season 2, which should hit at some point in 2016. It’s not quite clear where they’ll take the series, but we can already guess what a Jessica Jones slot machine might look like.

  • Scatter Symbol: Jessica Jones’ Camera. As a private investigator, Jessica Jones uses her camera to catch people in the act. At the beginning of the series, her area of expertise primarily has to do with catching men and women cheating on their spouses. If the scatter symbol shows up in threes, you’ll automatically win 10 free spins, on the house.
  • Substitute Symbol: Luke Cage. Luke Cage is indestructible, a superhuman with unbreakable spin. That makes him quite fitting for the substitute symbol. When you’re short on symbols to complete a winning line, Luke Cage comes to the rescue to fill in.
  • Getting to the Bonus Round: Kilgrave. In Jessica Jones, Kilgrave is her arch nemesis. Her goal is to catch him, but that’s easier said than done. Kilgrave can control anyone’s mind and get them to do anything he wants. By hitting three Kilgraves, you’ll get to hit a Bonus Round where you’ll go to battle against Kilgrave. Both you and Kilgrave will get to spin identical reels, simultaneously. Your goal is to get more brain symbols than Kilgrave. If you do, you’ll get 15 free spins with 3x prize multipliers. If Kilgrave gets more brains, you’ll get 2 free spins with 2x multipliers.

F is for Family


If you love cartoons, F is for Family is one you don’t want to watch with the kids. There tends to be a lot of swearing, some gratuitous sexual references, smoking, and other things that will shock you.

The animated series stars Bill Burr as a father of three of a lower middle class family and is set in the 1970s. Here’s what a slot machine based on F is for Family might like look.

  • Scatter Symbol: Answering Machine. Everyone has voicemail today, even if you don’t use it (I rely on Facebook messenger and can’t recall the last time I actually talked on the phone). But back in the 1970s, answering machines were an almost-foreign concept. Hit three of these and you’ll get to play a bonus round. In the bonus round, Frank Murphy (the father on the show) will head to the airport where he manages baggage handlers for Mohican Airlines. In the bonus round, you’ll be asked to open up 3 of 10 pieces of luggage on the conveyor belt. You’ll win the number of free spins revealed.
  • Substitute Symbol: Plast-A-Ware. Sue Murphy, the mother on the show, sells Plast-A-Ware on the TV series. It’s basically Tupperware, but the fictional version of it, I’m guessing for copyright reasons. Plast-A-Ware can sub in for other symbols in the game to help you finish off a winning line.
  • Hitting the Jackpot: Color TV. If you hit three color TVs, you’ll hit the jackpot. Of course, the jackpot will be relatively low in this online slots since Frank Murphy isn’t the luckiest TV character on the planet. But it will pop frequently, so you can enjoy lots of small victories.

What Netflix show would you like to see as a slot machine?

At Prism Casino, we’re always interested in your thoughts. Do you have a favorite that you’d like to see turn into an online slot machine or even a land-based one? Drop us a line and let us know. Who knows? Maybe someone at Netflix will read this and create one.

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