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The Best and Worst Craps Bets Online

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Craps is a table game that began as a dice game played on the ground; in alleyways, along sidewalks and boardwalks, and even during executions (the Roman guards were ‘casting lots’ to see who would get the clothes of Jesus of Nazareth).

For those of our members who love playing Craps, knowing the best craps bets and the worst craps bets would be a bit of knowledge worth its weight in gold and bonuses. So, since we love making our members happy, we will let you in on a secret…

The Best Craps Bets Are…


Play 6 or 8 to Win

With this bet all you have to do is slap down a bet in multiples of $6 and tell the banker that you want to play a place-to-win bet for either the 6 or 8 (can’t do both at once). The house edge for this bet is 1.52% so your chance of bringing home $7 for every $6 you play is pretty high.

Hey, that isn’t a million bucks right out of the gate, but if you play long enough, you can earn a good amount of money in the long run.

This bet is the exact opposite of the best craps bet listed above. Instead of playing a place-to-win bet with multiples of $6, you play a place-to-lose bet on either the 6 or the 8 with multiples of $5. The house edge for this particular bet is higher at 1.82%, but every time the shooter rolls a 7, you get to pocket $4.

Bet 4 or 10

This bet is a little trickier to win with the house edge at 2.44%, but if you bet $41 on the 4 or 10, you can win $20 in crisp cash money (well, once you cash out your chips, that is). This bet is for the Craps player who has a little more money to throw around and who is a little turned on by the risk-reward ratio.

The Worst Craps Bets Are…


Well, the worst craps bets would be any bets you make that aren’t the best bets listed above. If it isn’t the best, it’s quite possibly the worst. With this bit of craps betting information you can make awesome bets, win good money, and spend more time playing our great online Craps games. Win-win for everyone!

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