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The best Labor Day games you need to play

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Can you believe summer is almost over? Yeah, we’ve got until the third week of September before Autumnal Equinox officially hits. But with Labor Day approaching, the dog days of summer are over.


But that doesn’t have to mean that the fun needs to come to a sudden halt. Sure, swimming pools close. The amusement parks shut down during the week. The ice cream trucks aren’t out in full force. Kids are back in school. And the Halloween decorations hit the shelves at Target, Wal-Mart, or wherever you shop. But when you play at Prism Casino, the fun never ends. We’ve got a great selection of games that can help the summer fun live on, plus a few games to inspire you for the coming months and the holidays that are ahead.

Naughty or Nice – Spring Break


Our first game on the list is a bit of a hybrid game. It’s part Christmas, which is a few months off. But it also has the summery, beachy feel thanks to the bikini-clad Naughty and Nice girls. Santa’s favorite ladies are back, but this time they’re hanging out on the beach. If you want a taste of summer and a taste of Christmas wrapped up into one hot package, this 30-payline game is for you.

Shark School


The kids are back and school and the house is a lot quieter. IF you’ve got some down time, why not join them? No, we aren’t suggesting you crash their math class. But heading to Shark School at Prism Casino is a smart choice. This 50-payline game drops you into an ocean where you get to hang with a school of fish as they head to class and try to outsmart sharks and whales. This one features great bonus rounds including the Bad Sharky bonus round that could lead to the biggest payout you’ve ever seen.



Got kids? Then you might want to consider playing Blackjack with them. No, we aren’t suggesting you gamble with them online. If they’re under 21, that’s against the law. But you can play a live game of Blackjack or enjoy free games to show them how the game works. Studies show that playing Blackjack and other mathematical table games can actually help sharpen your mind. Blackjack is especially good because it can help you improve your math skills. Remember, in Blackjack, you constantly need to count to figure out whether to hit, stand, split, or double down. And if you really become great at math, you (or your kid) could end becoming the ultimate card counter.

There are more great games to help you usher in the start of fall in style, so check the Prism Casino game pages for all the details. Happy Labor Day – and enjoy the last days of summer!

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