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The biggest casino news of 2013

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It’s that time of year again. We’re coming up to the end of 2013. Sure, we’re still over a month of way. We’ve got Thanksgiving to get through, and then Christmas, not to mention New Year’s Eve, but November has us reminiscing about everything that went down in the casino industry.

And we’re not talking about online casinos. In fact, our favorite news this year comes from the land-based world. Here’s a look at the top stories that have captivated our attention so far.

California’s biggest casino opens

On Tuesday, November 19th, California got its biggest casino, the Graton Resort & Casino. The $800 million development will feature 3,000 slots and 144 table games—all delivered under 24,000 pink glass flower petals. It reminds us a bit of the lobby at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. And with Vegas-style caliber, it’s likely that we’ll see some serious competition for players in California in the near future.


Toronto rejects a downtown casino

The government of Ontario wants to put a casino somewhere in the Greater Toronto Area. The City of Toronto voted against allowing one in the summer, but other neighboring municipalities still might get one. Given Mayor Rob Ford’s penchant for vices like alcohol, crack cocaine, and (allegedly but never admitted or proven) prostitutes, having a casino is the least of the city’s worries.

New Jersey launches legal online casino destination

It’s happening at the end of November, but it’s not exactly national news. That’s because New Jersey online casinos and poker sites will only be open to residents of New Jersey. Other sites like Prism Casino, for example, are open to players in all states.


Clubs on track to overtake casinos for biggest business in Vegas

All the money in Vegas used to come from gambling, but that could soon change. Mega-clubs are about to overshadow casinos as the reason people head to Vegas. In fact, 21 of the country’s most profitable nightclubs are in Vegas (funny how that number is 21, right Blackjack players?) and with young tourists visiting Vegas to shop, party, and meet people in droves, those numbers are expected to climb. In fact, it’s reported that more than 30% of Vegas tourists prefer to dance than gamble.

While you can’t dance with strangers at Prism Casino (we don’t have a club…yet) you’ll find yourself dancing at your Mac or PC when you hit a big win. It’s free to sign up for an account, so check out all the games now.

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