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Themed casino hotels that never saw the light of day

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Have you been to Las Vegas recently? Then you know that the property has a lot of themed casino properties. There’s Paris Las Vegas, themed after the French city. There’s The Venetian, which makes you feel like you’re in Italy, or at least on a Universal Studios-style tour of a Venetian movie set. Let’s not forget Caesars Palace, which makes you feel like you’re sitting on a Greek empire of your own. And of course Circus Circus, which is themed after…you guessed it…a circus.

Hard Rock is all about rock and roll. And of course Hooters is all about bringing the famous bar experience to life.

But today, it seems that themed casinos aren’t all the rage. Instead, Las Vegas opts for targeting high rollers with high-end establishments or targeting the younger set with a funky atmosphere and options beyond gambling.

And with today’s focus on non-themed hotels, there’s a graveyard of forgotten themed casino hotels and casinos that could still see the light of day. They’re all worth exploring, so here we go.

Moon Resort and Casino


This lunar-themed hotel could one day see the light of day, assuming they could find a property large enough to build it. The proposal calls for 10,000 rooms, spread out over a 250-acre site. There simply isn’t enough space on the strip for it to be built.

Titanic Casino


You guessed it. A hotel themed after the great ship that eventually hit an iceberg and set a course for one of the most tragic travel stories in modern civilization. The proposed hotel would have been modeled after the Titanic, rooms and all. However, the property was rejected by the Las Vegas City Council, perhaps because building a hotel after a human tragedy is pretty tasteless.

London Resort and Casino


Hey, we already have Paris. And there’s a New York New York. Why not London? The property would undoubtedly feature prominent city landmarks, like Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, the River Thames, and more. The proposal was eventually tubed. See what we did there?

City by the Bay Resort and Casino


A San Francisco-themed hotel? We’re not even kidding. Sure, it’s a great city, but aside from classic San Francisco architecture and the Golden Gate Bridge, I’m not sure how else you would theme this hotel. Maybe a Full House themed suite? What’s that? You want us to cut…it…out? You got it dude!

Asia Resort & Casino


In keeping with the city-specific hotels, there was once a proposal to build the Asia Resort & Casino (yes, we know Asia is a continent, but work with us here). The plan was eventually shelved in favor of Palazzo Casino Resort. But that doesn’t mean we won’t see an Asian-themed hotel. Resorts World Las Vegas is slated to break ground on May 5th promises to being a 3000-room hotel to the Las Vegas strip in 2016.

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