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This year’s World Series of Poker to feature online poker event

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Remember the online poker boom back in 2006? That was the year that saw the biggest field hit the World Series of Poker. Jamie Gold won the Main Event, storming through a field of 8, xxx players. That was the biggest field in WSOP history. No Main Event has seen as many players take a seat since.

The main reason? Online poker qualifiers. Back then, you could enter an online poker qualifier in the United States for just a few bucks and win a $10,000 Main Event seat.


The big poker sites scrambled to send as many players as they could to the WSOP because having players seated at a televised table wearing patches was advertising money well spent. But after the big three poker sites fell in the United States, not as many players were able to make their way to the Main Event.

While this year likely won’t see as big a field as we did in 2006, there is something big and noteworthy happening at the 2015 World Series of Poker. This year, for the first time in history, the World Series of Poker will feature an online poker event.

No, not an online poker qualifier that leads to a seat in a land-based event. We’re talking about an even that takes place almost entirely online.

Event #64 will kick off on July 2nd at 12pm local time. If you’re in Nevada, you can pony up $1,000 and play the tournament from your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

When the tournament plays down to 2 players, online poker play will be paused. The tournament will then resume live at the Rio in Las Vegas, where all the other land-based tournaments take place.


This is a great move by the World Series of Poker people as it lets anyone play in an actual WSOP event without actually being in Las Vegas. And it’s the real deal. The winner of the tournament will win an actual WSOP bracelet – the same one handed out to all major event winners.

If there ever was a sign that online gambling is the future, the World Series of Poker’s latest move is a sign, so if you love playing Internet poker, you’ll definitely be stoked by this latest development.

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