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Too Hot to Handle! : July Promos At Prism Casino

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July is a summer month during which temperatures can rise to staggering highs. For anyone living in the Southwest, experiencing temperatures of 102º isn’t uncommon – and we aren’t talking about the weather! We’re talking about spicy hot peppers and cool Prism Casino bonuses!

Habanero Hot Bonuses


This month’s members’ only bonuses are as hot as the too hot to handle, habanero pepper hot. To take a bite out of these hot bonuses, you need only be a member of the Prism Casino online community.

Our 560% bonus is good for use on any Prism Casino slots or keno game. To redeem this bonus coupon, you need only deposit $70 or more into your casino bank, enter the code: HOT560, and play your favorite slots or keno game. That’s easy.

The 370% bonus can be used on any of our available games. That means you can deposit $30, enter the code: HOT370, and basically win free money when you play your favorite online casino games on Prism. Not too shabby, and oh so HOT HOT HOT!

To earn your 160% bonus to use on any of our games, except Blackjack, you must deposit at least $30 and enter the code: HOT160 in the coupon code redemption box.

There are rules that apply, so be sure to stop by the July promo page and read it!

Triple Hot Inferno Free Chip Bonus!


One of our oldest and most popular online classic 3 reel slots games is Triple 7 Inferno. In an effort to reintroduce this hot little piece to our newer members, we’ve decided to heat up July be offering the Triple 7 Inferno Wagering Challenge. With this challenge, players must redeem the 177% bonus coupon by depositing at least $40, and entering the code: HOT177. Once you start playing Triple 7 Inferno, you must wager the amount of your deposit plus the bonus by 100X or more, you will win a hot and bothered $7,777 FREE!

Ghost Chili Hot Bonuses


Prism Casino VIP members get to sink their teeth into the hottest and most deadly of all peppers – the Ghost Chili. Well, that isn’t really necessary, but you earn and use super-hot bonuses in July.

VIP members can earn a 630% bonus coupon when they deposit $70 or more, and enter the code HOTVIP630. This code allows you to use your bonus on any Prism Casino slots or keno games. The 380% spicy hot bonus offers VIP members a taste of “win” on any of the available online casino games. To redeem this bonus code, you only have to deposit $30 and enter the code: HOTVIP380.

If you like playing with fire, but don’t like the taste of burning, you can always go for the 230% bonus. This bonus is good for use on any Prism Casino game, except Blackjack, and can be redeemed with you deposit $30 or more into your bank, and enter the code: HOTVIP230.

July temps are rising, but you can stay cool with cold hard cash and burning hot bonuses when you play your favorite slots and casino table games on Prism Casino Online.

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