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Welcome to a table where you’re guaranteed to win

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Are you a professional card counter? We didn’t think so. If you were, chances are you wouldn’t be reading this blog post. You’d either be busting the house at casinos all over the world, or you’d be tied up in the back room of a Vegas casino, being threatened by scary looking security personnel who don’t seem to do a good job of making you feel secure.


But don’t sweat it. At Prism Casino, we’re not card counters either. Don’t get us wrong. When the hit motion picture 21 hit the theatres, a group of us from Marketing left the theatre inspired. We spent weekends trying to count cards and develop a strategy that would let us break Vegas.

It didn’t work, obviously. Otherwise, the Prism Casino Marketing department would be empty because we’d all be busting the house in Sin City as we speak. But what if we told you there’s a special Blackjack table where every card is a winner? What if no matter what card you flipped over, you’d pocket something incredible? We’re guessing you’d think you were dreaming, or assume we were making it up. But believe us. It’s very, very real.

With the Monthly Promo running all January long at Prism Casino, every card is a winner, no matter what hand you play. Just step up to the special promotional table this January and start playing. There’s absolutely no betting required in this one, so you’re already ahead.


When you flip over your card, you could end up winning big. Here’s a look at what’s at stake:

  • 180% Match Bonus. If you’ve got $50 to deposit and you want a bonus that works on all allowed games, this is the bonus for you. As soon as you flip over the card, you’ll find out what the bonus code is.
  • 360% Match Bonus. This one works on slots and Keno only, so make sure that you understand that before trying to use the bonus at the tables. If those games are cool with you, then go ahead and enjoy. Remember, there’s no playthrough or max cashout with this one and all you need is $50 to deposit.
  • 350% Match Bonus. For fans of all allowed games, this one is worth taking advantage of. Note that there’s a 30x playthrough requirement and a 10x max cashout limit, but you only need to deposit $30 to take advantage of it.

And don’t think we forgot about our Very Important Players:

  • VIP 650% Match Bonus. If you’re a member of our VIP program, you’ll love getting more out of our Slots & Keno bonus. It’s worth a whopping 650% and you only need to deposit $70 or more to earn it. This one does come with a 30% playthrough requirement and a 10x max cashout limit, so keep that in mind.
  • VIP 370% Match Bonus. Prefer no max playthrough requirements or cashout limits? Then take advantage of the 370% VIP bonus. The great thing about this one is that it can be redeemed unlimited times.

When you’ve taken advantage of your winning card, come hit the tables. There’s no shortage of options at Prism Casino (just keep in mind that not all bonuses work on table games).

We’ve got traditional Blackjack and loads of variations of the popular 21 game, including Perfect Pairs, Super 21 , and more. We’ve also got Casino War, so if you’re tired of counting or just plain bad at math, take a seat and play against the dealer in a winner-take-all match against the dealer. And of course, Baccarat continues to be a player favorite.

You can browse the entire selection of Prism Casino table games right now. And once you’re set up with your account, you can have a blast at the tables without risking one red cent. Remember, Prism Casino games can be played for free or real money, so feel free to keep your wallet away while you learn new games.

Remember, each bonus requires a special bonus code. To find out the bonus code that applies to your offer, you need to head over to the Monthly Promo page and play the game. You’ve got until January 31st to take advantage of the game, so don’t miss out.

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