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What’s the deal? This week in casino gambling news

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It’s been a big week in the world of casino gambling, online and off. So rather than bore you with a bunch of preamble, we’re going to cut right to the chase and fill you in on everything that’s been happening in the United States and around the world.

New Jersey Expansion Deadline Looms


There’s been talk that casino gambling could expand beyond Atlantic City in the Garden State. Under current New Jersey law, only Atlantic City is a permitted jurisdiction for live casino gambling. But with the arrival of regulated online gaming allowing New Jersey residents to gamble anywhere, plus the availability of casinos in nearby states closer to parts of New Jersey than Atlantic City, there’s a major push for expansion.

Unfortunately, that would require a constitutional amendment. For that to happen this year, a question asking if voters want expansion would need to be on the ballot this November. And for it to make it on the ballot, legislative approval is required by August 3rd. That’s less than a month away and there doesn’t seem to be a lot of momentum, so we might be looking at 2016 for expansion at the earliest.

Major casino in Melbourne celebrates underage gambling


Sounds fake right? Like the headline is some sort of clickbait to get people to read further. Unfortunately, the headline is what several anti-gambling campaigners would have us believe to be true. And there could be some valid reasoning for their thoughts.

It seems that Crown Casino in Melbourne, Australia has created a separate family entrance. Gambling opponents say it’s a ploy to get underage people excited about gambling. The casino operators argue that it’s designed to keep children off the casino floor so that they can enjoy the dining and entertainment made available to them outside of the casino.

With over 60 family-friendly options on the Crown property, it sort of makes sense why Crown would create a separate entrance. Though, on the other hand, it really is promoting Crown as a family destination. Since they are a casino first and foremost, we’re not sure that’s the most socially responsible choice.

Pennsylvania iGaming tax rate could be too high


If you’re a fan of land-based casinos and you like to play at the online version of the property, you’re already in luck if you live in New Jersey as several land-based casinos offer online casinos. Pennsylvania is supposed to be the next state to permit its casinos to open online gaming sites. But even if it is legalized, it’s not guaranteed that any property would actually open up an online casino.

That’s because under the recent proposals on the table, the tax rate runs as high as 54%. That’s way too high for any operator to actually make a decent profit, so the sky-high tax rate could simply turn people off.

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