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Winning Made Easy: May Promotions at Prism Casino

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Prism Casino is one of the only online casinos where you can get amazing member bonuses as part of awesome monthly promotions. This month, we are making winning that much easier by providing you the bonuses you need to play more, play longer, and win BIG!

Check out this month’s Winning Made Easy promotional bonuses, and our over the top monthly special.

Winning Made Easy for Members

Our first members’ only promotional bonus is a staggering 560% Slots and Keno bonus. This bonus can be redeemed as many times as you want, and all you have to do to get this bonus is to deposit $70, and enter the code: EASYWIN560.

The 310% bonus can be used on any of the Prism Casino games choose. You can redeem this bonus an unlimited number of times, and all you have to do to win easy is to deposit at least $30 and entering the code: EASYWIN310 in the box.

The last of the members’ only promotional bonuses is our 160% bonus for use on all of our games. To take advantage of this bonus, deposit a minimum of $30, then enter the code: EASYWIN160.


Easy Play and our Giveaway

Our special bonus for the month is a bonus of 270% for use on our Keno and Slots, to get your hands on this bonus, and a chance to win a free $15,000 casino chip, deposit $30 and enter the code: 15000GIVEAWAY. When you use any of our monthly promotional bonus codes you will be automatically entered in the drawing for a free $15,000 casino chip. See, at Prism Casino, playing and winning is easy.

Winning Made Easy for VIP Members

Prism Casino VIP members are some of the happiest VIPs online. To see why, check out this months’ VIP members’ only promotional bonuses.

Our first bonus is a whopping 630% bonus for our Slots and Keno games. Deposit $70, enter the code: PRISMVIPS630, and play until you win. Winning made easy has never been easier or more profitable!

The VIP bonus of 380% is for use with any of our popular games. To use this bonus and get on a winning streak, deposit at least $30 and enter the code: PRISMVIPS380 in the available box.

Lastly, we have our small yet power packed 230% bonus. This bonus can be used on any of our games, except Blackjack. If you want to win easy with this bonus you have to have deposited at least $30 and entered the code: PRISMVIPS230.

Winning easy is SO easy at Prism Casino that every game can literally win big.

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