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Woman sues The Ritz casino after losing £2 million (about $3.4 million)

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I like to think of myself as a great Blackjack player. I usually come out with nice wins when I play online – and particularly when I play live. The last three times I played at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, I won $900, $1,500, and $1,375, respectively.

But I’ve also had my fair share of losses. I play to have fun. Yes, winning is awesome, but when I walk away from the tables with a deficit, I chalk it up to a great night out that ended up costing a bit more than I expected it to.

Never ever did I walk away thinking, “Hmmm, I should probably sue the casino for my losses.” That’d be a bit on the ridiculous side. But then again, I’m not a politician’s wife.


It turns out that Nora Al-Daher, the wife of an Omani politician, is suing The Ritz casino after blowing £2 million at a punto banco table in a span of just a few hours. It happened in 2012, but the lawsuit has come to light just now.

Al-Daher feels she had been taken advantage of, with the casino employees standing behind her at the table and encouraging her to keep playing the card game. At play here is the fact that Al-Daher has a gambling addiction and she claims the employees egging her on very well knew about it.

The casino argues that the employee encouragement never happened. They also claim that Al-Daher had paid back the £1 million in debt without complaining to the powers that be just nine months after she lost the money.


As I dig deeper into the story, I realize that there might be some truth to Al-Daher’s story. Between 1999 and 2012, Al-Daher had bought in for more than £20 million. She lost a total of £7 million during that time period. This is the first time she’s complained about a loss, leading me to believe that perhaps the employees are partly responsible for the egging on.

The case is now before the courts and I’ll be watching it closely. It will be interesting to see what The Royal Courts of Justice say about casino responsibility for losses. I’m interested to find out if the casino brings forth video footage of the night in question to prove whether employees weren’t encouraging her to bet more. And if they do bring forth that footage, would the high court even care?

Remember, whether you’re playing online casino games or live ones, always play within your bankroll. Set a monthly budget and be sure never to deposit more than you can afford to lose. Treat gambling just as you would any other form of entertainment, like movie nights or weekend getaways, and you’ll have a lot more fun (and you won’t feel the need to sue).

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