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Banana Jones

Banana Jones is the exciting specialty board game and the newest addition to Prism Casino! Our hero is on a quest to claim the coveted, magical Crystal Banana in return for big rewards. Help this fun, goggle-sporting monkey reach the Temple before it ends up in the paws of the evil Leopold the Leopard and his army of slithering snakes at Prism Casino Online.

In this Snakes & Ladders-style game, you get 5 turns to roll the dice for a wager; that is, five chances to help Banana Jones complete his expedition across the lily pads of the lagoon. Beware the snakes and find the vines. Your winnings – friend – will depend on the symbols you collect. Just remember, once you reach the Temple, the Crystal Banana Quest feature triggers, also the Treasure Wheels award potential cash prizes along the way! Once in the Temple the symbol counter will help you earn accumulated prizes upon opening a chest.

The top award of 2,565 times the bet!

How to Play Banana Jones

A wager amount gives you five rolls of the dice. You play by clicking on the dice icon at the bottom of the screen, with wagers suitable for any type of gambling budget.

Navigating our hero, Banana Jones, is performed based on the outcome of two rolled dice. The monkey moves along the lily pads starting from the Left and moves the number of spots according to the value of the roll, which can be 2-12.

Banana Jones Rules

The rules of Banana Jones are easy to follow. For normal rolls, if our hero lands on the base of a vine, he will move toward its top, reaching closer to the Temple. If he lands on the head of a snake, he will move down to the tail away from the Temple.

The symbol counter located at the top of the screen keeps track of the symbols collected. Wins and payouts are paid according to the listed paytable. The special features include the Treasure Wheel and Crystal Banana Quest! The Treasure Wheel awards a spin for 1 cash prize, while reaching the Temple triggers the Crystal Banana Quest feature.

Banana Jones Controls

Banana Jones is a Snakes and Ladders-style specialty board game with wagers and dice rolls.

Dice icon – Click the dice on the bottom-right to roll the dice, and to determine how many spaces the player moves (2-12)
Symbol Counter – The meter at the top of the screen accumulates symbols collected to receive prizes once the player reaches the Temple

Banana Jones Features

  • Snakes and Ladders-style specialty board game.
  • Collect fruit prizes from chests, including plums, apples, bananas, grapes, and pears.
  • Treasure Wheel Feature, which awards 1 spin for a cash prize.
  • Crystal Banana Quest Feature unlocks at the Giant Temple with a chest, first counter to be completed awards the prize displayed.
  • Top award is 2,565 times the bet.

How to play Additional Features

Treasure Wheel Feature:

  • The Treasure Wheel is triggered when Banana Jones lands on the Treasure Wheel head of the board.
  • The Treasure Wheel awards 1 spin for a cash prize.

Crystal Banana Quest Feature:

  • The Crystal Banana Quest is triggered when Banana Jones reaches the Giant Temple at the end of the Board.
  • Player is able to select a chest.
  • The fruit (plum, apple, banana, grape, pear) inside the chest will be added to the counter.
  • The first counter to be completed awards the prize displayed.

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