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European Roulette

Even more so than it’s American counterpart, European Roulette is one of the most popular casino games – both online and offline. In this game there are only 37 slots on the roulette reel which is clearer lower house edge (there is no double zero place).

How to Play European Roulette

European Roulette at Prism Casino is very life-like, complete with clean and crisp graphics. Players can make bets valued at $1.00, $5.00 $25.00 and $100.00 (combining the chips allow you to bet in the in-between denominations). Click on the chips selecting the amount you wish to bet on each hand. You can change bets after each round or you can click the “Repeat” button in order to repeat the bet.

European Roulette Rules

The outcome of the bet depends if the ball stops in the place that corresponds with the bet or if it doesn’t. Roulette is really a game of chance as opposed to a game of luck as the probability of the ball landing in any given spot is equal to the chance it will end up in a different spot. There are different bets that one can take when playing Roulette depending upon where the bet is placed on the table. Traditionally European Roulette is preferred over American Roulette which has both the zero spot and a double zero spot.

European Roulette Game Controls

  • Place your bets and mark your predictions
  • Click on “Spin”
  • Your winnings will automatically be credited to your account!
  • European Roulette Features

    • Less House Edge than American Roulette
    • Great for beginnings – Easy rules
    • Pure game of chance
    • Play for real money or play money!

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