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Treasure Tree

Whoever said money doesn’t grow on trees obviously never had a Prism Casino account. With Treasure Tree, the cash bags are waiting to be grabbed. So climb the Treasure Tree, reach out, and see how much you could win.

Not into online slots? We still recommend giving Treasure Tree a try. There are no reels in this one. Instead, you place your bet, shake the tree, and try and match 3 symbols in the same color zone. If you do, you win. Plain and simple.

Treasure Tree

Are you familiar with scratch tickets, like the ones you see at your local lottery retailer? And are you familiar with online slots games? Then you’re pretty much all set to play Treasure Tree. The game is a match-and-win game, much like those scratch games you see. But instead of scratching, you place a bet and reveal the symbols, which is similar to spinning reels (those tree branches shake just as fast).

As soon as you’ve placed your bet and shake the tree, the bags of money will change to reveal the prize. If you’ve matched three bags in the same colored location, you’ll win that prize. Please note that prizes are revealed as either prize multipliers or free games, not specific cash values. The final reward depends on how much you’ve bet.

Treasure Tree Rules

There aren’t a ton of rules you need to follow in Treasure Tree. After all, you’re in a forest full of money trees. We think all rules as you know them should be tossed out the window. But there is one important rule you should know about.

You could end up hitting 3 symbols on the tree and not win a thing. That’s because in order to win, you need to hit 3 symbols in the same colored area of the tree. There are several colored zones in Treasure Tree, so it’s possible to hit the same symbol across different zones and not win. Remember, to get paid out, the matching symbols need to appear in the same zone.

Treasure Tree Controls

If you’re used to playing online slots, Treasure Tree will feel instantly familiar. Just like your favorite one-armed bandit, Treasure Tree features a Bet button with two up and down arrows. Use the arrows to lower and raise your bet until you’re happy with the total. When you’re ready, go ahead and shake the tree. That bet amount will be wagered against the value of any matching bags.

Need some help while you play? Just click the Menu button to get game information and to customize various settings.

Treasure Tree Features

  • A top award of 2000x your bet for maximum payouts
  • Free games bonus rounds that you can win over and over again
  • Fun graphics and colorful characters to keep you entertained galore

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